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Unlock your full potential with The Pilates Concept and go Hybrid!

In a fast-paced world, finding time for fitness can be a challenge. At The Pilates Concept, we've designed a unique solution for your busy lifestyle. Our Pilates sessions seamlessly combine face to face private / duo and small group training with on-demand workouts, ensuring you to achieve optimal results. Join the small group classes or book a private/duet mat or reformer Pilates session. Make sure to fill in a request form for private/duet training on www.thepilatesconcept.nl.

Our personalized approach and undivided attention makes practicing Pilates efficient and hassle-free, while our complimentary on-demand workouts, will guarantee consistency. Explore our diverse class library, discover your ideal movement style, and be inspired in both body and mind.

Elevate Your Fitness: Go Hybrid and reform your physique into a whole new body from inside and out with TPC! Start now and prioritize your health without compromising your schedule. Book a Pilates session with The Pilates Concept for a transformative and results-driven fitness experience.

*note: we provide Pilates mat & reformer training at different locations. So pay attention to which location you book! Private/duet training takes place at studio44 Haarlem or at an agreed location in Haarlem. Our small group mat classes take place at the "oefenzaal" of Connected Haarlem. Interested in private or duet Pilates? Please fill in the request form on www.thepilatesconcept.nl. We will reach out to you when we've received your application.











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4 hours ago


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a month ago

Het hybride trainen bij The Pilates Concept is echt geweldig! Al enige tijd volg ik face-2-face privé reformer en matlessen vanuit huis bij The Pilates Concept gecombineerd met de on demand workout videos. Ik heb me nog nooit zo goed en sterk gevoeld. Je kunt zeer professionele begeleiding verwachten met resultaten! In één woord waanzinnig! Zeker aan te raden aan iedereen die resultaten wilt behalen.

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a month ago

Ik heb een hele fijne aller eerste Pilates les gekregen van Nikki. De persoonlijke begeleiding, in combinatie met haar fijne stem en rust die zij in zich heeft maakte het voor mij een hele fijne ervaring. Mijn buikspieren zijn goed uitgedaagd en ik kom heel graag weer bij haar terug om nog meer van Nikki te leren.

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2 months ago

Echt een aanrader. Locatie/zaal is heel prettig en Nikki is super vriendelijk en deskundig. Een heerlijke work-out waarbij je met een goed gevoel en een glimlach naar huis gaat

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About the Team

Prepare to encounter a dynamic, lively, and genuine professionally educated STOTT-Pilates trainer eager to welcome you! Our continually evolving and supportive community offers the latest knowledge and world-class content, providing reassurance, accelerating your self-development, and honing your competitive edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

FIRST-TIME VISITORS We're all about creating a relaxed atmosphere and love to see you unwind when hitting the mat. Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before and no later than starting time, check in with your friendly teacher, and make yourself at home. If you'd like to bring water into the class, please use a non-breakable water bottle to prevent any accidental spills. In case of a spill, we appreciate if you could promptly clean it up for the benefit of your TPC fellow practitioners who aim to stay on their feet. We suggest wearing comfortable attire that allows for unrestricted movement. Whether it's a well-loved pair of PJs or the latest pants from lululemon, we're delighted as long as you feel comfortable during your practice. No shoes needed while practicing Pilates, you can consider wearing grip socks to enhance your practice,
Mats and props are supplied, but it's a great idea to bring your own mat and towel to place on top, especially for activities that may work up a sweat!
The Pilates Concept - Where Pilates transforms and strengthens! · Expert guidance by STOTT-trained instructors on location or in the studio. · Hybrid Pilates! Boost your Pilates routine: mix face-to-face classes with on-demand videos. · Small Groups, Big Results! Group classes and/or private lessons with a personalized approach for maximum success. · On demand: exercise at your moment, your place, whenever it suits you. · Customized routine for personal progress and the best results! Start Pilates in the way that suits you and feel better than ever! - The Pilates Concept!
We have a 24 hours cancellation policy, unless stated otherwise in the class description. There will be no charge for cancellations made up to 24 hours before the class starts. Please be aware that cancellations communicated via email, phone, or Facebook will not be considered valid. If you cancel within less than 24 hours' notice, the class will be deducted from your current pass. Those who consistently reserve and late cancel or no-show may face restrictions on their ability to book future classes in advance. Please always cancel or reschedule your booking via the bookings system you made a booking with so that we can give your spot to someone else. If for some reason you don't know how, please reach out to us by sending an email to us.
A few more things that are good to know! · Make sure you have read the terms & conditions before starting your workout with us. · Always inform your teacher about any injuries or limitations. Take your own responsibility. · No shoes, when practicing Pilates! You can train on bare feet or you can purchase Pilates grip socks. · When arriving at Connected Haarlem (where we teach our small group classes), you can press the doorbell that says: "oefenzaal". The teacher will open de door for you. Enter the hallway and take the first door on your right. Walk straight ahead and your at the "oefenzaal". · When arriving at the small group location: Connected Haarlem. Please be as quiet as you can be. It's possible other practice rooms are in use and we do not want to disturb them. · There are small cabins available, where you can change your clothes if necessary. · You can leave your shoes and jackets in the hallway before you enter the "oefenzaal". · All equipment is provided by the studio, all you need is yourself and comfortable workout clothes. · You can bring important belongings with you, to your mat. · When leaving the studio, try to be as quiet as possible and please do not linger in the hallway or outside in front of the building. This will also disturb others who are using other practice rooms. · When you scheduled a private session everything is discussed before and all questions can be asked directly. · Waitlist information: To join a waitlist, use the Eversports app and ensure that notifications are enabled on your smartphone. Once a spot becomes available, you'll receive a push notification, allowing you to book the class in the usual manner. Please note that it's a 'first come, first served' system, and once a customer secures the available spot, all other push notifications will be cleared to prevent confusion. · For the safety of your valuable and sentimental items, it's recommended to leave them at home. If you need to bring something, you can bring this into the practice room. However, technological items that beep or ping should be switched off or put on silent mode. We embrace modernity, and our teachers won't give disapproving looks to your iPhones. Feel free to capture updates and information through pictures and share them on social media and tag us. ALSO! --- > Our services are found at different locations. location small group pilates: Connected Haarlem Koppestokstraat 87, 2014 AN Haarlem Location (semi) private mat or reformer Pilates: Studio 44 Haarlem Burgwal 44, 2011 BE Haarlem or Studio Ouder-Amstel Swanevelt 43, 1191 PG Ouderkerk aan de Amstel or from the comfort of your own home or an agreed location On Demand: Workout anywhere, anytime that suits you best! Visit our website www.thepilatesconcept.nl

Available sports types and activities

  • Pilates

  • Small group training

  • Pilates Mat

  • Prenatal pilates

  • Reformer Pilates

  • Private Training

  • Postnatales Pilates

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