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The JYM Movement

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    About us

    The JYM Movement is situated in the center of Amsterdam.

    Shared passion The JYM Movement is founded by a shared passion of moving through martials arts and mobility training to maintain ones health and fitness by working out together and inspiring others to do so.

    Encouragement and support We found out that working out in a group and actively encouraging each other during training helps the other person improving and taking it a step further.

    Explain, explain and explain know why you move and how you move

    But what does that mean? First every BODY is different, meaning everbody moves different, even when you get the same set of exercises you will do it according your body or lets say level. There’s no wrong or right. Just understanding. That’s why we make a great effort for you to understand where you stumble upon on and how you can work on it.

    Inclusive Train with like all kinds of people, young and old, fit or not fit. Everybody is welcome. Everybody is here to work on themselves through different trainings we offer.











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    Haarlemmer Houttuinen 519 , 1013 GM Amsterdam




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    User headshot


    a month ago

    Love this gym! Especially bc of the passion&knowledge for the sports and the open, kind attitude of the owners Jimmy and Vera

    User headshot


    3 months ago

    best martial artist in town!

    User headshot


    3 months ago

    The best gym with the best trainers I ever had; and I've had a lot! The care and the attention they put on you when you're working out is so special. This is not just a gym, it's a community of people. 100% recommend.

    User headshot


    8 months ago

    Amazing place🫶🏻

    Further helpful information

    About the Team

    Jimmy Veldwijk is an ART Boxing trainer and a ZUU Certified Partner who:

    • -helps anybody who is interested in using different martial arts to learn to feel how and why certain body movements in martial arts are done and how to apply this in daily life.
    • - helps professional fighters to deepen and sharpen their fighting skills by explaining why and how a fighting move is applied.

    Next to being an ART Boxing trainer, Jimmy works as a musical director and a DJ. He’s known as a walking music database.He used to run a successful jazz record store, a music distributor company and a recording studio. Further he used to run a successful kickboxing school training non-fighters, amateurs and pro fighters. Jimmy now trains them in understanding why and how to apply a fighting move.

    He enjoys doing ZUU fitness to maintain his mobility, you’ll find him in other martial arts schools like Sanda boxing and BJJ, to hone his own skills and he still makes music to meet his creative need.

    Jimmy is mainly available as an ART Boxing class trainer and as one-on-one personal trainer. Plus he substitutes the ZUU classes once in a while

    Vera Taihuttu is a certified Boksfit instructor, a ZUU Certified Partner and a Self awareness coach who:

    • - helps anybody who’s young, old from not so fit to very fit to increase their mobility to improve their quality of life and getting stronger.
    • - helps them becoming more aware of how they move.

    Next to running Conscious Strength, she’s a working co-parenting boy mom with a daily job in IT. She’s also advocating for getting the word out on how to maintain a fit condition while dealing with a physical chronic issue helping others to do the same using ZUU fitness. Further she shares one of her ways of how she overcame trauma from severe domestic violence in childhood by using self awareness techniques.

    She also enjoys soft pastel drawing, listening to music and you’ ll find her studying anything what has to do with body, energy and mind. She’s also known as the forever student.

    Vera is available for Boksfit and ZUU classes and one-on-one session self awareness techniques.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cancel via the booking app.
    Make sure you enjoy your trainings but bad days happens, still try to come and train. It will clear your head. No kamikaze, meaning know your limits and evolve from there. There are no such things as stupid questions. Always ask if you don't understand or know.
    We find it important to train durable to maintain healthy and enjoy sport or martials arts for a long time. Hence, we emphasize you learn the why behind a move and how to apply. Keywords; durability, injuryprevention, enjoy amd stay healthy and fit.
    Make you read the following on our website: · * code of honor of martial arts · * our house rules
    Yes, bring your own material in regards of martial arts. Meaning; bring your own handwraps, gloves, and if possible shinguards. With the bodyweight training, just bring yourself, ha!

    Available sports types and activities

    • Boxing

    • Fitness

    • Karate

    • Kick boxing

    • Thai boxing

    • Mixed Martial Arts

    • Cardio training

    • Breakdance

    • Self defence

    • Personal training

    • Functional Training

    • HIIT

    • Personality development

    • Cardio

    • Mobility

    • Mindfulness

    • Small group training

    • Muay Thai

    • Boxing

    • Bodyweight Training

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