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The Cosmos is a boutique Yoga & Pilates Studio located in Amsterdam’s Oud-West + De Pijp neighbourhoods. Bringing you daily Yoga & Pilates classes in styles such as Cosmic Pilates, Power Pilates, Cosmic Vinyasa, Moon Yoga, Power Yoga, Chakra Yoga, Aromatherapy Yoga, Candlelight Yin Yoga, and Prenatal + Postnatal Yoga/Pilates. 

The Cosmos West is set in a beautiful, contemporary studio space with advanced teachers guiding you, The Cosmos is ideal for both new & experienced students. 

Our studios all feature the most beautiful and effective props by Bala. Experience Power Yoga, Power Pilates + Cosmic Pilates all with Bala Bangles and Power RingsFor our Prenatal and Postnatal mamas, we have several specially designed classes to suit your journey through fertility, pregnancy, birth and postnatal. We recommend moving into these classes within your first trimester to ensure that your body (and baby) are receiving a safe, balanced and tailored movement and breath practice. 

From Prenatal Postnatal Pilates to Baby + Me Pilates; from Prenatal Postnatal Yoga to Baby and Me Yoga – we support your practice and your journey through motherhood.

Additionally, experience regular weekend pop up events: Restore + Sound Healings, Moon Circles, Cacao Ceremonies, Live Music, Tarot Readings, Massage Treatments, Coaching and Teacher Trainings in both Yoga + Pilates.  

Did you know that The Cosmos has three sister studios? Visit Studio 191 De Pijp, Studio 191 West and Studio 191 Oost for over 200 weekly Barre, Core, Sculpting and Reformer classes.

The Cosmos is part of the Studio 191 family and as Studio 191 West is just around the corner, we welcome our students to enjoy complimentary teas and beautiful showers and changing facilities. At The Cosmos itself, you will find a cosy lounge and changing rooms with lockers.

Class cards & Memberships purchased can be used for classes at any of our Studio 191 & The Cosmos locations (excluding Reformer)

Set in a beautiful, contemporary studio space with advanced teachers guiding you, The Cosmos is ideal for both new & experienced students. 











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4 days ago


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4 days ago

Toppp les!!

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5 days ago

Always great. I love the calm atmosphere and the coziness of the studio. These classes have helped me greatly through my pregnancy & are safe for keeping my body feeling strong!

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5 days ago

The place to go!

Further helpful information

About the Team

Our knowledgable teachers bring deeply personal teachings from the heart. We come together through a shared love and belief in the power of yoga asana {movement}, pranayama {breath}, ritual, meditation, mindfulness and community support. From Yin Yoga to more creative Vinyasa Flows, Chakra Yoga to Moon Yoga, Kundalini Yoga to Aromatherapy-inspired classes - our teachers design classes that enhance wellbeing through both ancient and contemporary wisdom of the planet and, of course, the cosmos.

Welcomed by one of our lovely hosts before your class, be sure to ask them anything you are unsure about, they are there to support you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breathe in, chill out. Go slow, say no. Switch off, drift away. Be here. Take your time. Touch base, stay true. Come home. Be you...
VISITING US FOR THE FIRST TIME We are big fans of a chilled ambiance + love to see you enjoy a tea before getting on the mat. Arrive in good time, check-in with our host + make yourself at home. We start on time, so if you are late, we may have given your space to a walk in client. If your space is still available we will do our best to get you into class after opening meditation, however this is at the discretion of the teacher who may not want their class disturbed. Class credits are not refunded if you are late, so please ensure you arrive on time. Wanting to take your water into class? Please bring a non-breakable water bottle so that we don’t have glasses flying around. Spill something? Please clean it up for your 191 mates, who plan to stay on their feet. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement. Whether it’s an old pair of PJs or lululemon’s latest pants, we’re happy if you are. Show up in something you can enjoy your practice in. If you’re attending a Meditation class, Yin Yoga or any other relaxation practice, we advise you to bring some cosy socks + a jumper into class.
Mats & Props are all provided, we have a vast selection of props to support and enhance your practice. Your mat and practice station will be set up for you when you arrive, however if you wish to bring your own mat + towel to place on top, we have no objection. Please leave valuable + sentimental items at home if you’re worried about their safety. Need to bring something to class? We provide a few lockers for your keys, crown jewels, etc. Technological items (or anything that beeps + pings) cannot enter the practice room. We’re a modern bunch – even our yoga teachers won’t throw dirty looks at your iPhones. In fact, we encourage you to take pics of the updates + info that you’ll see on our walls as we’re big fans of preserving trees, one flyer at a time. What we ask is that phones are on silent when you enter the studio + not brought into the practice room.
Single, 5, 10 & 20 Class Card holders & Limited Members can cancel a class up to 4 hours before the class starting time and your class credit will be returned to your Eversports account automatically. Please note: Cancellations made by email, phone or Facebook will not be recognised as cancellations. Cancellations made less than 4 hours notice will not have the class credit returned as the space has been reserved for you and is unlikely to be rebooked at late notice. However, we do not fine you extra for your no show or late cancelation ever!
Waitlist You can only add yourself to a waitlist on the Eversports app. Make sure you have activated the notifications for the Eversports app on your smartphone. When a space comes available you will receive a push notification. Now you can book the class as usual. 'First come, first served' applies and as soon as a customer takes the free spot all the other push notifications will be deleted to avoid any confusion. Walk-in We recommend you book you class in advance, however, if you want to come to the Studio without a booking, we will endeavour to find you a place. If there are no spaces, we will ask you to wait until the start time to see if there is a no show. We advise you to purchase your credit in advance as only single class passes are available to purchase in the studio. Showers & Changing Area We have 2 changing rooms, but no showers at The Cosmos west, however you are welcome to walk around the corner to Studio 191 West and use the showers there (subject to the Studio being open, please check schedule if you intend to shower). Forgotten your own towel for a shower after your workout? Shower towels available to rent! In both of our changing rooms, we have plenty of lockers for all of your personal items. Please be sure to have you phone on silent when you leave it in the locker – phones are not permitted into the practice room.

Available sports types and activities

  • Pilates

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Vinyasa yoga

  • Hatha yoga

  • Kundalini yoga

  • Yin yoga

  • Ashtanga yoga

  • Pregnancy Yoga

  • Power yoga

  • Postnatal yoga

  • Pilates Mat

  • Stress Release Yoga

  • Yin Yang Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Cardio Pilates

  • Prenatal yoga

  • Parent-Child Yoga

  • Jivamukti Yoga

  • Breathwork

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Training

  • Postnatal Yoga

  • SUP Yoga

  • Mama Pilates mit Baby

  • Yoga Philosophy

  • Prenatal pilates

  • Pilates for kids

  • Pilates for pregnancy

  • Classic Pilates

  • Postnatales Pilates

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