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    About us

    Welcome to Spirit’n Roses, a members-only dance studio where we immerse ourselves in the captivating world of Strip Plastic style.

     Embracing monthly courses as our foundation we insurance the progress in this distinctive style. Specializing exclusively in Strip Plastic style, our classes are carefully crafted to master your skills in floorwork, acrobatics, transitions, leg-work, and musicality, all with the goal of showcasing the fluidity and grace inherent in this style.

     At Spirit’n Roses the focus extends beyond mere technique. We’re dedicated to value self-expression and confidence in every dancer who walks through our doors. Whether you’re mastering choreography or exploring the exhilarating realm of improvisation, our classes are designed to challenge and inspire.

     Each lesson is an opportunity for growth, presenting new challenges and roles that push you to discover the artist within. Here, we prioritize artistic intention and presence, encouraging you to infuse each movement with meaning and explore a diverse range of music genres.

    But what sets us apart? At Spirit’n Roses, we’re not afraid to embrace the unconventional. We revel in the dramatic, the poetic, and the original. With a weakness for rock, metal, and dark esoteric aesthetics, our creative projects range from showcases and video shoots to captivating photo sessions. 

    We consider it our mission to build a space for you to unapologetically be yourself, be playful and creative.











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    Ter Gouwstraat , 1093 JX Amsterdam




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    a month ago


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    2 months ago

    It was great I’ll definitely enroll for more lessons!

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    4 months ago

    loved my first class here, super friendly and cosy.

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    6 months ago

    Best studio 🤍

    Further helpful information

    About the Team


    Studio policy:

    1. Shoes Policy: We kindly request that you enter the dance area wearing clean, indoor-only shoes to help maintain the cleanliness of our space. Please ensure that your footwear does not leave any marks on the floor.
    1. Video Recording: If you choose to record a video of yourself at the end of the class, we ask that you respect the privacy of other clients. Please refrain from including anyone else in your video without their explicit consent.
    1. Assumption of Risk: Participation in activities at our studio may involve certain risks. By choosing to engage in these activities, you acknowledge and accept responsibility for any associated risks and decisions made during your participation.
    1. Liability Disclaimer: Neither the studio nor our employees shall be held liable for any material or immaterial damage resulting from accidents or injuries that occur within the studio premises. Participants are responsible for their own safety and well-being during their time at the studio.
    1. Personal Belongings: Please be advised that the studio is not responsible for any loss or damage to your personal belongings while on the premises. We encourage you to take necessary precautions to safeguard your belongings during your visit.

    Bookings and refunds

    At Spirit'n Roses, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience. To ensure smooth operations and fair treatment for all, we have established the following cancellation policy:

    1. Cancellation Timeframes: Each course and class offered by [Your Company Name] will have a specific cancellation timeframe mentioned in the product section for that activity. We kindly ask all customers to review this information before making a purchase or reservation.
    1. Non-Refundable Purchases: Please note that all course purchases are non-refundable. Additionally, workshop reservations cannot be canceled within 72 hours of the scheduled course.
    1. Final Reservations: Once payment is made, course reservations are considered final. Full payment is required for course attendance, and there will be no option for discounts or refunds for missed appointments.
    1. Single Class Refund Policy: Single classes cannot be refunded once purchased. We encourage customers to commit to their class reservations to ensure a seamless experience for all participants.
    1. Late Entry Policy: Please be advised that entering a class late, after 10 minutes from the scheduled start time, will not be possible. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the integrity of our class structure.
    1. Cancelled Classes: In the event that a class is cancelled by [Your Company Name], customers are entitled to request a refund via email. We will process these requests promptly to ensure minimal inconvenience to our valued customers.

    We thank you for your cooperation and understanding regarding our cancellation policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQ "What should I wear?" At Spirit'n Roses, we believe in empowering you to express yourself freely. We encourage you to wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable. There's no such thing as being overdressed, too casual, too sexy, or too sporty in our studio. However, please note that Pleaser heels and kneepads are mandatory for our classes to ensure your safety and enhance your dance experience. "Are the courses suitable for beginners?" Each of our courses is tailored to specific skill levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. To find the perfect class for you, simply check the description of the course on our website or at our studio. We're dedicated to providing a welcoming environment where dancers of all levels can thrive and grow.

    Available sports types and activities

    • Dance

    • Floorwork

    • Heels

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