rasalila is the conscious movement studio of sisters Floortje and Willemijn Laan. Students love rasalila because of the open and home style feel that empowers them and gives them confidence. rasalila welcomes everybody, big or small, tall or short, young or old. Everybody is worth to be seen, to live fully and to express their true selves. At rasalila they offer various forms of movement such as Aerial Arts, Yoga, Dance, Pole dance and Feminine Arts. If you’re looking for a great yoga or dance class in Amsterdam, definitely come to rasalila!

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17 days ago

Very nice! The room is small so it’s not too many people at once, teacher is friendly and after the class you feel good!

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About the Team

Floortje and Willemijn Laan; two entrepreneurial sisters started rasalila in 2009. Our goal was to create a place where conscious movement, mindfulness and empowerment are central. Throughout the years, rasalila has grown into a unique studio, and they are often pioneers in the movement landscape with the offering of new classes: from AcroYoga to PoleFlow, and from Aerial Arts to Feminine Arts. Besides that, rasalila is also home to the Amsterdam School of Burlesque. They’re always inspired by what their teachers want to explore within their field of expertise and constantly extending with various and innovative classes. The large team of passionate people and the cooperation as sisters, contribute daily to the realization of their mission.

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Questions and Answers

Why should I visit rasalila?

At rasalila they offer a unique pallet of classes, workshops and courses. From Aerial Arts (such as Aerial Yoga, Aerial Dance, Aerial Hoop), to Yoga, to Dance, to Pole Dance, to Feminine Arts.

What should I know of the first visit?

Please come in on time for your class. When you're in the studio, be ready to take off your shoes at the door and check-in at the front desk. They're looking forward to meet you!

Do I need to bring any sport equipment or is it possible to borrow it at the facility?

You don't need to bring any materials for your class. They have mats you can use for free, but you can also bring your own. Are you joining a pole class? Don't forget to bring shorts and if there are anything else required such as heels or knee pads. These details can be found in the description.

What do I need to do if I have booked something but am not able to come?

Did you book a class but are unable to come? Please cancel your class in your account (via the app or desktop version). Workshops and courses can only be canceled up to 72 hours before start via email: info@rasa-lila.nl

What else should I know of?

We'd love to meet you at rasalila! Be ready to feel confident, empowered, strong, relaxed, and to feel good to be you! rasalila is for those who love to Discover, Connect & Play.