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At Movement Amsterdam, you will learn to move in new and challenging ways. Through this process, new connections are formed in the brain, strengthening your body as well as your mind. Through a varied approach composed of different elements such as mobility, strength, locomotion, partner games, meditation and breathing you will be able to develop yourself optimally in the field of movement.

Anyone stands to benefit from a movement practice. Increasing mobility and flexibility not only improves your athletic performance but also allows for a greater range of motion and freedom of movement. This will reduce pain, improve muscle function, and reduce your risk of injury so you can keep doing what you love. 

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4 minutes ago

You gotta move..

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21 days ago

Nice instructor and really takes the time to explain the techniek.

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2 months ago


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2 months ago

simply amazing, exactly the class i was looking!

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About the Team



If there's one thing that Jim doesn’t like, it's sitting still. Growing up in Nijmegen, he first discovered his desire to move his body when he started practicing capoeira at the age of ten. Since then, he has never stopped moving and was introduced to Movement during his bachelor's, at the ALO. 

Jim has gained knowledge and skills in many different places and has attended numerous workshops, including one of the 26 mentorship students at Ido Portal in Mexico. Starting last year, he has followed training from grandmaster Ido Portal and receives personal guidance online. In addition to this training, Jim is also a certified Wim Hof ​​instructor. Jim's clients describe him as enthusiastic, humorous, and goal-oriented. Jim allows and encourages everyone to develop at their own pace. 


After completing his studies 'Health, Lifestyle, Sports & Physical Activity,’ Chris started working as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, where his adventure as a Mover began. Chris is fascinated by movement and continuously challenges himself to acquire knowledge and new skills. With his strong discipline, professional guidance, and personal approach, he knows how to excite and motivate anyone (from beginners to experienced athletes) to exercise more often.

Chris thinks outside the box and continues to invent new methods to increase the body’s strength and flexibility. To this day, he enthusiastically follows the programming of Ido Portal and Fighting Monkey, assuring himself he constantly learns and finds new ways of physical empowerment. Chris believes that if you take good care of yourself, you can push yourself and thoroughly enjoy an energetic body and mind.


After having worked behind a desk for 8 years which left him feeling miserable and unfulfilled, Farid was searching for a change. He decided to pursue his passion which then turned into a dream. Farid is an experienced professional Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) of 10 years and is trained in different fitness aspects.After taking a number of courses, he became a certified Personal Trainer. 

In early 2015 he decided to make his dream a reality and started his own training company. This is how Next-LVL was born. In 2017, Farid dove headfirst into the Movement practice of Ido Portal. After having worked diligently for 3 years, he became an Ido Portal Online Student in August of 2020 under the tutelage of Johnny Sapinoso. Knowing the benefits of moving with a sense of freedom inside the body, and living a happy life, he has now made it his mission to teach this method to his students. Working on mobility, strength, agility, rhythm, and coordination, combined with fun games to merge all these elements; his days now consist of doing what he loves with a passion. 


Mayke van Veldhuizen was born and raised in a small village in Friesland, a Dutch province in the Netherlands. In 2016, she acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Dance from the Amsterdam University of Arts. Mayke currently works as a freelance dancer, teacher, and choreographer in the Netherlands and abroad. She has been invited to give workshops at Vertigo International Dance Program in Israël, Circus Department at Codarts Rotterdam, Universidad de las Américas Puebla in Mexico, and Dance Academy The Stage in Moscow.After graduating from the Amsterdam University of Arts, she followed the training of Ido Portal and Fighting Monkey and has attended workshops of Tom Weksler,Tomislav English, and Natalia Pieczuro, to name a few. Mayke is always looking for new ways to move and currently, she is inspired by sprinting, flamenco, locomotion, and house dance. She loves sharing her experience with others to discover new ways of moving together.

For more info, visit: www.maykevv.com

Frequently Asked Questions

De lessen van Movement Amsterdam zijn uniek, speels en voor iedereen toegankelijk. Verwacht niet de standaard work-outs, maar juist originele lessen die ervoor zorgen dat je o.a. jouw uithoudingsvermogen, kracht en mobiliteit verbetert. Na zijn lessen voel jij je voldaan en klaar voor de dag!
Het is handig als jij voorafgaand aan de les aangeeft of je last hebt van bepaalde blessures of als je zwanger bent. Dan kunnen wij daar rekening mee houden. The classes are given in dutch and / or english
Het is handig om een eigen handdoek en een flesje water mee te nemen naar de lessen.
Stuur ons even een privé-berichtje als je door overmacht niet bij mijn les kan zijn. Dan kijken jullie samen hoe dat zo goed mogelijk opgelost kan worden.
Twijfel je of je mee kan doen? Geen zorgen! Iedereen is welkom, of je nu wilt afvallen, sterker wilt worden of een gezondere leefstijl wilt aannemen. Met de verschillende lessen laat wij je zien hoe leuk het is om samen te werken aan het versterken van je lichaam en geest.

Available sports types and activities

  • Fitness

  • Strength training

  • Meditation

  • Handstand

  • Floorwork

  • Mobility

  • Breathwork

  • Functional Movement

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