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Welcome to the new on-line booking system for all lessons taught by Jacqui "Sunshine" Howles. Swipe the banner at the top for a photographic impression of my locations. You can book and purchase a place for: one month unlimited on-line lessons i -Yoga in the chapel -On-line yoga and meditation with zoom /facebook -Workshops and courses -Private yoga -Retreats Playback videos from the videotheek Native English speaker, Jacqui Howles has been teaching people and their bodies for 38 years, the last 20 years have been totally devoted to yoga. She presently offers alignment and season based hatha yoga, focusing on strength, mobility, calmness and awareness. Join Jacqui on her Facebook community page: "Jacqui Sunshine community group" sharing and connecting with yoga practices, music, poems, stories and so much more https://www.facebook.com/groups/2759549547461523

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2 days ago

I just love Jacqui Sunshines lessons! online or in the studio, Jacqui always seems to know exactly what we all need - a bit of chill, containment, focus or sweat - it’s always good moving with my favourite teacher!

2 months ago


2 months ago

Superfijne lessen!

About the Team

THE UPDATE Lessons will be on-line until 20th of January!

This week I will be teaching from Wednesday through Sunday on-line. I am teaching a Free 'bedtime stories session" from our community page on Sunday night at 21.30 Check out the unlimited on-line and playback card for 55 euro This subscription will give you unlimited access to all all on-line facebook regular lessons and playback videos. This monthly membership includes all regular livestream lessons on Facebook . Unlimited access to the playbacks if you can't make the times I teach. Free access to 3/5/7 day challenges 20 percent discount for on-line courses, all on-line workshops, challenges and retreats 4 new playlists per month

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Questions and Answers

What should I know of the first visit?

Important to know before coming to an on-line or group lesson! Please: Bring your own mat, block, belt and blanket. Consult a doctor for advice, if you are unsure whether you can start a yoga class because of injury or illness. If you have any covid symptoms, do not participate. Be aware of your limitations and let me know if you have any injuries, or other reasons to receive adapted teaching. Group lessons. I am not accountable for any loss or damage of your personal property on the premises. Please leave your valuables at home or bring them into the chapel space (not clothes!!) Telephones turned off, unless we have a prior agreement! No cups, glasses or food may be taken into the chapel. If you want to drink water then bring a closed water bottle. The door is locked before I start to teach, so it’s important to be on time. Cancel your registration if you or family members have any symptoms of the virus. Disinfect your hands at the entrance. Leave your shoes and jackets in the kitchen space at the entrance to the chapel. A spot for your mat will be offered in order of arrival. When you enter the chapel, please go to the space furthest away from the entrance and keep one and a half metres distance at all times. This means on the stairs and hanging up your stuff too! I will not touch or hug anybody, just so you know. Once on your mat, remain in your space until the lesson has ended so that there is not too much “traffic” in the space. Lessons in the chapelhave an 8 hour cancellation policy. On-line Facebook live stream lessons have a one hour cp. Workshops and events have individual cancellation times which can be seen when booking. Feel free to send me a mail to jacquihowles@hotmail.com with any enquiries you may have.

Do I need to bring any sport equipment or is it possible to borrow it at the facility?

When you come to a groups lesson, please bring your own mat, blanket and any other props you may need ( belt or block) For private lessons at the home studio just bring a mat as props will be provided. For an on-line lesson have props ready, just in case!