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Your Pole Dance and Aerial Acrobatics Studio in the Maastricht City Center!

Fly and Flow Studio is the home of pole dance, aerial sports and more in Maastricht. Here you will find a variety of classes taught by experienced and professional instructors. Join any of our regular classes, take advantage of our unique workshops or book us for your special event.











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5 days ago

Melissa has been friendly and so welcoming from day one, I am very grateful, relocating from one country to another is hard and when you have people like Melissa that are so helpful and kind it just makes it that much easier.

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18 days ago

Very welcoming atmosphere and experienced trainers.

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3 months ago

Love Fly & Flow Studio!

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3 months ago

Great pole studio, the teacher was very friendly

Further helpful information

About the Team

Our biggest passion is pole dance and sharing this passion with others. Our team includes certified and experienced instructors that will make sure you have a great time during your class. You will encounter varieties of pole dance that show you what pole dance can be for you! With us there is no pressure to be anything - we just want to share our passion with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

To have the best and safest class experience, make sure to not use body lotion 24 hours before attending your class. During the class please remember to take of any jewelry, especially rings, as they can lead to injury as well as harm the equipment. Besides that remember this is a safe space, everyone is nervous before their first class! We will make sure you feel as comfortable as you can at Fly & Flow Studio.
At the studio you will receive a mat, a cleaning towel, a cleaning spray (for the pole and/or mat!) as well as other equipment needed like yoga blocks or crash mats. Of course you are also more than welcome to bring your own yoga mat. You only need to bring your sports clothing, a personal towel, a water bottle and anything else you might want to use in class. If you follow Pole Flow it is recommended to bring knee pads.
Since our classes are high demand, please cancel your spot as soon as you know you will not be able to come anymore. You can do this the easiest via the Eversports app. If you cancel more than 24hr before the class you will get your credit fully refunded so you can use it at a different time. If you cancel less than 24hr before your class you will not get a refund.
Remember that you do NOT need to be strong or flexible to start pole dance. We truly believe that anyone can enjoy pole dance. If you are still feeling anxious or worried, please feel free to reach out to us. Our Instructors all started pole dancing as adults and know how nervous one can get.

Available sports types and activities

  • Yoga

  • Pole dance

  • Pole sports

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