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Specialised in training adults on how to swim.

We aim to provide safe, fun and personalised group swimming classes to overcome your fear of water and achieve any desired level in swimming.

Our main mission is to empower any individual to ultimately Become a Hero.











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a month ago

The classes have been great! The teachers pay attention to your mistakes and correct you. Ronen has patience and walks you through it! Definitely recommend to any trying to learn how to swim

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2 months ago

Awesome instructors - make swimming fun while improving your swimming skills

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2 months ago

Great and fun classes! Amazing coaches that are able to challenge you, suggest fun exercises while still respecting your boundaries and learning curve. Feedback is given first-hand and all sessions are a mix of swimming technic with survival skills. I have been attending for almost 1 year, and couldn't recommend more :)

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4 months ago

Friendly environment with professional teaching skills.. it is my favorite winter sport!

Further helpful information

About the Team

We are aware that starting a new journey as an adult may cause significant anxiety, especially in a less controlled environment as water. Our approach tackles 4 different challenges:

  • Building a bond between our students and coaches
  • Customising trainings for each student and providing recorded sessions + video feedback
  • Developing personal growth, keeping you accountable for your actions & goals
  • Providing a relaxing environment filled with enjoyable music, networking opportunities and fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

At Aqua Hero, we specialize in empowering adults to become confident swimmers. Here's why you should choose us: · Expertise: Our team of experienced instructors is dedicated to adult swimming education. We understand the unique challenges adults may face when learning to swim and tailor our lessons accordingly. · Personalized Approach: We believe that every learner is unique. Our personalized group swimming classes cater to your individual needs, ensuring a supportive and enjoyable learning experience. · Overcome Fear: If you have a fear of water, Aqua Hero is the place to conquer it. We provide a safe and nurturing environment, helping you overcome any anxieties and build your water confidence. · Achieve Your Goals: Whether you're a complete beginner or aspiring to refine your swimming technique, our classes are designed to help you achieve your desired level in swimming. From basic water skills to advanced strokes, we've got you covered. · Fun Learning with Music: Learning should be fun, and at Aqua Hero, it is! We incorporate music into our lessons to make the learning experience enjoyable and engaging. Join a community of like-minded adults on their swimming journey, and experience the joy of becoming a proficient swimmer. Visit Aqua Hero and dive into a world of swimming excellence. Your aquatic adventure starts here!
The try-out lesson is an opportunity for you to experience our services firsthand. It's a complete regular 60-minute session in our pool. During the try-out, you will be part of a regular group and have a real experience of a swimming lesson with us. We will assess your basics, including breathing, floating, and addressing any anxieties you may have. After the assessment, you will engage in various exercises and drills tailored to improve your overall swimming and help you achieve your individual goals.
The cancellation needs to be made with minimum of 24h before the lesson within the Eversports Manager APP, otherwise the session will be considered completed and cannot be recovered.
For your first visit, bring your own swimming gear, flip-flops, towel, and your million-dollar smile! Optional you can bring swimming goggles & swimming cap. We're excited to welcome you.
How long is a session? Duration of a session: is 60 minutes. 55min + 5 minutes feedback and session wrap-up. How many people are in a group lesson? Groups are having a maximum of 5 people per instructor. How are the groups made? We are having a “Scoring System” based on our students current skills, so based on their skills we can match them up between our Water Introduction or A Diploma groups.

Available sports types and activities

  • Swimming

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