Amenti is a community-based organization where we focus on becoming more Self-aware through movement, dance, and knowledge. We strive to embody our spirit instead of spiritualizing the body. The foundation of our philosophy is our Movemeant Method through which we can become more aware of our subconscious patterns in both body and mind.

We teach classes, workshops, and courses in our MoveMeant Method but we also organize events other events, also in collaboration with others. Amenti Movemeant‘s method is a transformative method created by Gil ‘Gidori’ the Grid, which spreads awareness about the connection of the body, mind, and soul and gives tools for expanding the capabilities of self-expression and -awareness.

Our Movemeant Method was developed by Gil the Grid, as a means to heal himself from psychosis and traumatic experiences in the past. Seeing how this method is universal by intensively working with other people, and not just some personal coping mechanism let Gil expand and develop his method more. the Method makes use of Layers, so we can have a structure to work from. Every layer represents an area of life within the human experience. Also, every layer is linked to a specific kind of way of moving and a corresponding element. Just like we all have an affinity for certain sports or work for example and we are not naturally drawn to another activity, so it also works with our method. Some people have a natural affinity with a certain layer, either in movement or in their behavior, and an aversion or hard time connecting to another layer. All of this tells us something about who you are.

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3 months ago

Loved every part of it. They go really in depth to explain various concepts, I learned a lot by wstching the recordings...

4 months ago


5 months ago

It was a good movement experience