Alba Studio is an online studio with different classes. Including Gentle Yoga, Yoga Flow, Conditioning Workout and Mobility training. Alba Studio provides pre-recorded class that is valid for 24hours, and 60mins live-stream class.

Alba Studio also provide one-to-one private class for all calsses mentnioned above, also Pole Dance and Aerial Yoga.

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About the Team

Alba Studio is one-person studio. Owned and run by Suzanne Loh.

Suzanne started yoga when she was 19 years old, for more than 10 years already she never stopped learning and sharing her journey and experience to others. Her professional training consists of Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Certification 200RYT, Aerial Yoga Teacher Certification Level 1-2, and Xpert Pole Dance Teacher Certification.

Suzanne mainly practice Vinyasa Yoga and Gentle Yoga. She said:” I don't teach yoga, but to share as I believe everyone is unique.” Students often find her class challenging, fun and motivating. She likes to create a friendly flow atmosphere to make everyone feel connected, and know that all variations apply to different levels of students.

In Suzanne’s yoga class, she gently guides the students through mindful movement and self-awareness to find the balance between our mind and body alignment with breathwork then ends with meditation.

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Questions and Answers

Why should I visit Alba Studio?

When you visit Alba Studio, sure that you're here for private class as Alba Studio only offer face-to-face private class. You get to enjoy your own space with full attention / assist from teacher. You do not have to worry about security and judgement as it is your pravite class. You will be free to explore your abilities and receive all advices for your practice. Alba Studio will contact you for details information when you have booked the private session, to ensure the pravite class meet your expectation.

What should I know of the first visit?

You can simply ring the door bell upon your arrival. Please keep in mind that your shoe must be taken off during entry.

Do I need to bring any sport equipment or is it possible to borrow it at the facility?

For hygiene concern, please bring your own yoga mat and towel, and a pair of clean socks to roam around the room without shoe.

What do I need to do if I have booked something but am not able to come?

If a private class is cancelled within 24 hours prior to the appointment, the costs for the session will be charged to the participant. Up to 24 hours before the class the appointment can be changed free of charge. You can contact Alba Studio via phone 0614459067 or email.

What else should I know of?

Alba Studio always provide high quality lesson. Nevertheless, there is a risk of injury during a class. Participating in all class provided by Alba Studio is always at the client's own risk.

  • Medical details and physical and / or psychological complaints must be reported to teacher prior to a class. Negligence in this falls under the responsibility of the participant.

  • Alba Studio does not accept any liability for damage of material or immaterial nature to participants, gained during or after the class. Teacher offers the following guidelines to reduce the risk of an injury

  • Consult a doctor before starting the chosen activity if you are not sure if it is safe, if you are completely healthy, or if you are pregnant.

  • If you have an injury, or other physical discomfort, always report this to the teacher before the start of the class.

  • Listen carefully to the instructions of the teacher in question and follow them up. Ask the teacher if you do not understand an exercise. For online classs, you can always contact Alba Studio if you have any doubts.

  • Do not engage in exercises that are painful to you.

  • Listen carefully to the signals from your body and act carefully on this. Carry out the practice carefully and listen to your physical limitations. ​