Burlesque Basics

at 14/12/2022 19:45-20:45 o'clock (60 min)
City: Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB Amsterdam
Price: from 49.00 €
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49.00 € / monthLight Membership - Min. 12 months  
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Get ready to unleash your inner tease with our weekly Burlesque basics class! You'll learn the art of strutting, bumping, grinding, shimmying, shaking, basic floorwork, conceal and reveal, posing, and facial expressions. Expect a mix of freestyle exercises and a short choreo that will have you feeling confident, sultry, and oh-so cheeky!

Our class will be taught by one of the sizzling teachers of the Amsterdam School of Burlesque. This class is a playful taste of what's to come, and for more in-depth development and actual striptease, you're welcome to take one of our burlesque courses.

What to wear: slip into something that makes you feel good, beautiful, and sexy. And don't forget to wear something that is comfortable enough to move in. Heels are optional, but feel free to bring them if you want to add some extra sizzle!

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Flora Gattina
Flora Gattina is the Co-founder of rasalila studio and Headmistress of the Amsterdam School of Burlesque since 2010. She lives for dancing and is a lover of cats! After many years of practicing many different dance styles (like Latin-American dance styles and Argentian tango) she decided to specialize in Burlesque, the art of tease and seduction. She has followed her passion to empower women (and beyond) through burlesque and pole dancing to find their own unique style and to explore their femininity in a creative way.

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