Hot Vinyasa Flow

Hot Flow Yoga Jordaan
at 11/06/2021 10:30-11:30 o'clock (60 min)
Address: 489 Prinsengracht, 1016 HP Amsterdam
Price: 0.00 €


Please be advised that during the hot summer months, our classes may be cancelled 3 hours before their start times. Please always double check our schedule! <3

Let's do the Hot Vinyasa Flow, but due to COVID-19 there are NO studio mats available! Please bring your own clean Mat and Towels. No Showers available 8 Hours cancellation policy. Please wear a Facemask

This is a heated 60 min class of 35°C. This is a class with creative sequences and fun and Inspiring Music Both traditional and non-traditional yoga movements are part of the class to create stability and strength throughout your body. A practice for all levels – with options for deepening the poses for advanced yogi’s. Some of the benefits are the following: strengthen core burn calories improve balance

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Nienke Ross van Baal
For as long as I can remember, I have loved keeping my body in motion. Growing up, I practised both gymnastics and dance and I was fully committed to both disciplines. Throughout my life I’ve felt a deep love for moving my body. I just had to find a fitting way to express myself, one that enabled me to move in a liberating and graceful way. Yoga unifies the two for me and it is one of the loves of my life. The purpose of every class I teach is to let students feel a constant element of flow where their bodies move in a circular wave throughout the whole session. I think it is the flow that makes the mind stop, that truly relaxes and grounds us. I see my own yoga practice and the classes that I teach as a meditational flow that increases balance, strength and flexibility, both on a physical and mental level. In a safe space, yoga often becomes dance and dance gives peace of mind. It connects us to our intuitive power and I encourage students to trust that completely.

Cancellation conditions

please honor our 8 hour cancellation window. no-shows will be charged a single ticket