Ashtanga Half Primary (Led) + Philosophy

Natural Flow Yoga
at 07/11/2021 10:00-12:00 o'clock (120 min)
Address: Lemelerbergweg 32, 1101 AH Amsterdam
Price: 60.00 €


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In this class, the teacher will lead you through the first half of the Ashtanga Primary Series in a steady rhythm, so you can experience the flow of an uninterrupted practice. There will be no explanations given, as the class is not meant for learning new poses. To create a meditative experience, we want to bypass the technical chatter of the mind and enter the stream of movement and breath. When we don't need to think about what to do, the mind can quiet down and surrender to the flow. The focal points are a deep breath, soft gaze and each asana radiating out from the core with steadiness and ease, while moving in a continuous meditative flow.

The class is meant as a supplement to a steady mysore practice. It's allright if you don't know the half primary yet - you can join the part that you already learned in the mysore, try a little bit of the new things you don't know yet, and wrap up in a blanket to observe the rest. You can learn a lot from watching your peers practice!

The led class will take around 90 minutes. After the practice, there will be time to discuss the philosophy behind this practice to create a deeper understanding of yoga. Did you know that ‘Ashtanga’ means ‘eight limbs’, and asana (the poses that we do) is only one of the limbs? To enjoy the full potential of this transformative practice, we want to dive beyond the physical surface to find out how our bodies and minds are intricately connected, and how this seeps through in all that we do. We will take various topics and see how they relate to our daily modern lives. Also, we can make time for any kind of questions, sharing, etc. Bring a snack and a thermos of tea if you like :)

Are you new to Ashtanga, and interested to learn it? This class is not very suitable for beginners. You are very welcome to join our Mysore classes, where you will receive individual guidance and we will build up each asana step by step.

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Anastasia Tchistiakova

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