YogaFlow Slow - Online (24h available) 20.3.20

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On 27/03/2020 10:00 o'clock
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This class will be available for you ONLINE This class is recorded on the 20th of March. · - When signed up for this class you'll receive an email with a link to the class (30-5 minutes before the scheduled time of the class).* - The link will be available for you for 24HOURS. So even if you're not able to join the class at the scheduled time you can watch it later! :-) You can sign up until 15 minutes before class starts Elements from both Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga are used in the YogaFlow Slow classes. In the classes, the yoga postures follow each other in a slow and fluid motion and follow the rhythm of breathing. This flowing flow deepens breathing, increases endurance and explores the limits of your balance and flexibility. YogaFlow Slow is suitable for anyone who wants to work on body and mind. At the end of the lesson an extensive relaxation and / or meditation is held.

Online stream

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Suzanne Loh
Hi, I am Suzanne from Malaysia. Born and raised on the beautiful oriental pearl island Pulau Pinang, I am truly a child of variety. My heritage includes Malay, Chinese and Indian and I have been exposed to many other cultures, resulting in a great admiration and fondness of the many types of beauty in this world. Since my teenage years, I have been working as a model and later as a dancer in different venues, giving me the possibility to travel and meet wonderful performers. Using my body to express myself, I began to discover the infinity of words that make up body language. Yoga was the most logical next step, as it reveals another layer of the voice of the body. Then came my love for pole dancing and the aerial arts. All these different mediums have taught me so many things beyond intellectual knowledge, namely the unlimited possibilities of the human body and mind. I would love to share my wisdom with you. As an aerial and pole dance teacher, the most rewarding thing is to watch my students getting to know their own mystery world and bringing their inner beauty out on the scene. This is the most precious gift of all. See you soon!


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