Intro To Pole

at 31/01/2023 10:00-11:00 o'clock (60 min)
City: Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB Amsterdam
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INTRODUCTION TO POLE: If you have never taken a pole dance class and are a total pole beginner, this is the class for you.

Are you interested in learning pole dancing? Our PoleFlow classes will help you develop strength, flexibility, and elegance while you learn new techniques and spins every class. PoleFlow is fun for everyone; we have mixed classes and you can participate from the age of 16. Anyone can learn it!No experience is needed for this class, this is an introduction to the basics of PoleFlow, such as basic spins, sitting on the pole, clamping with your legs, getting used to going upside down, and techniques to strengthen and make your body more flexible. When you are familiar with the following list and in consultation with your teacher, you can move to the next level!

  • Basic spins (begin trying with one hand)
  • Sit in the pole (30 sec.)
  • Climb
  • Mini flow
  • Basic invert
  • Pole step + pirouette
  • Fan kick
  • Cradle
  • Split grip
  • Headstand
  • Martini sit

Our classes always start with a warm-up that consists of stretching and strength exercises. We also focus on developing body awareness and moving in a flow. After the warm-up, you will learn techniques and combinations on the pole. The classes are focused on improving muscle strength and, of course, the dance moves on and around the pole. PoleFlow will make you more flexible, give you self-confidence, and strengthen all your muscles.

Once you have made the techniques of pole dancing more your own and have confidence in your own abilities, you can give pole dancing your own 'twist'. It can be as tough, elegant, or sexy as you want it to be.

rasalila is a tight community and everyone strives to help each other with that one pole trick that is sometimes a bit more difficult for one person than for another. There is also a lot of cheering for personal victories, whether you are hanging upside down or dancing for the first time in high heels.

At rasalila, we focus on personal qualities and development during the classes.

What to wear: Wear comfortable clothing that you can move well in. For most exercises on the pole where you need your skin to stay 'stuck', it is important to wear short shorts and it’s recommended to come barefoot.

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Hannah Rojer

Cancellation conditions

You can cancel free of charge up to 12 hours before the start of the class