AerialDance - Intermediate

at 25/06/2021 20:30-21:30 o'clock (60 min)
Address: Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB Amsterdam
Price: from 49.00 €


49.00 € / monthLight Membership - Min. 12 months  
54.00 € / monthLight Membership - Min. 6 months  
59.00 € / monthLight Membership - Min. 3 months  
65.00 € / monthFull Membership - min. 12mnd  
72.00 € / monthFull Membership - min. 6mnd  
79.00 € / monthFull Membership - min. 3mnd  
79.00 € / monthUnlimited Membership - Min. 12 months  
85.00 € / monthUnlimited Membership - Min. 6 months  
92.50 € / monthUnlimited Membership - Min. 3 months  


Gentle reminder: bring your own mat, blanket(s) or towel(s), bottle and props to class. So we can all contribute to a safe a clean way to practice in the studio. Read more about our safety guidelines here.

Prior to joining this class you need to have done 5-10 other aerial hammock classes: Intro to Aerial Hammock, Aerial Yoga and/or Aerial Hammock Play. Or a dance background.

The AerialDance class starts with an intense warm-up. After which we learn a short choreography in the hammock with different poses and transitions to music.

This class will make you feel like a real dancing acrobat in the air!

Don't use your body to get into the pose, use the pose to get into your body. Let's dance.

Clothing: For the AerialDance a shirt with (short) sleeves and long pants / leggings is required because of hygiene and comfort.

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Lizzl Shakti

Cancellation conditions

You can cancel free of charge up to 12 hours before the start of the class