Deep Yin

Karunika Spiritual Center
at 22/07/2021 20:30-22:00 o'clock (90 min)
Address: Meerhuizenplein 11, 1078 TB Amsterdam
Price: 88.00 €


88.00 € / monthUnlimited Monthly  


Opposite to dynamic styles of yoga where you find strength in contracting your muscles, you find instead passive stretches focused on relaxing the muscles. In this way you are able to reach the deepest tissues of your body - the connective tissues (ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks). To strengthen and stretch these target areas poses are held between 2- 5 minutes utilizing directional breathing techniques while harnessing your energetic attention towards your unique trigger points. This provides deep relaxation, internal bodily awareness, the ability to recognize and respect your boundaries, and stimulate meridians (energy lines) and organs. Many modifications are provided along with cushions, blankets, and blocks to adjust the practice to exactly what your body needs for easy relaxation. With a specially curated playlist set by candlelight the environment effortlessly launches you deep inside yourself strengthening the relationship between your physical and spiritual bodies while quieting the mind. Give yourself the gift of slowing down and experience the joy of opening all those tight spaces you’ve forgotten were even closed.

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Cancellation conditions

Annuleringen zijn online mogelijk op Eversports tot 24 uur voor aanvang.