Aerial Yoga and Pilates/Some Experience

Studio 205
at 02/02/2022 18:30-19:30 o'clock (60 min)
City: Zamenhofstraat 112, 1022 AG Amsterdam
Price: 17.00 €
Class is fully booked


17.00 €Single ticket  


Aerial Yoga and Pilates integrates the supportive nature of the hammocks with asana practice and core strengthening. The hammocks provide support in standing work, backbends, chest openers and inversions allowing us to move deeply into an asana and thus giving us access to postures that are often too challenging or daunting. The function of the hammock is also to provide intense compression upon the joints thereby facilitating deep myofascial and muscular release and massage. This release helps the breakdown of scar tissue and increase circulation in the joints. Aerial Yoga also allows students to experience inversions (being upside down) on a whole new level. With the support of the fabric students can hang upside down with almost no tension thus providing deep spinal decompression and increased circulation.

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