Zumba Fitness

The Dance Movement | Amsterdam
at 31/05/2022 15:30-16:30 o'clock (60 min)
Address: Ketelhuisplein 45, 1054 RD Amsterdam
Price: 15.00 €
Online registration is not possible


15.00 €Single ticket  


Zumba® could be best described as 'exercise in disguise'.

It's a revolutionary dance-fitness program that combines easy to follow dance-fitness moves with Latin & international music such as Cumbia, Brazilian Funk, Afro, Merengue, Salsa, etc... In addition to it being a party, Zumba® helps you feel loose and fit, get in great shape, feel more energy, and add spice to your daily life. Join the party!

There are no language, age or level barriers.

What to wear?

  • Comfy workout clothes you feel good in.
  • Shoes: workout/aerobics/dance shoes, as Zumba involves some jumping it is good to have shoes that reduce impact and protect the ankles and knees from injury. Bring a bottle of water & a towel.


Entrance to the dance studio is at Ketelhuisplein 45 - 1054 RD Amsterdam. Doorbell #45 - Spiegelzaal.

If you have any further questions always feel free to reach out.

Looking forward to dancing with you!

With love,

Sarah Safi Harb

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Sarah Safi Harb is the founder(2010) and teacher at The Dance Movement, offering Zumba & Belly Dance classes, workshops & private classes in Amsterdam & Den Haag. Sarah integrates her Lebanese background and knowledge of Yoga and holistic dance practices in her classes. Sarah's vision is that every person has their own way of movement and dancing, she encourages people to find their own style and express their uniqueness. As it doesn’t matter how you dance, but how you feel and what you express while dancing!

Cancellation conditions

Cancellation Policy Sometimes things come up, it happens! :) No worries, you can cancel or reschedule your class up to 4 hours prior to the start of the class. This means that if you cancel less than 4 hours before class you are charged 1 credit. Canceling or rescheduling your class is done easily in your Eversports account. I look forward to seeing you in class soon! Warmly, Sarah Safi Harb