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FULL Package: 21-day ZhemFit Abs Challenge (Bundle)

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This gives you a 30 day access to the 21 video classes in the 21-day ZhemFit Abs Challenge.

Included in this bundle: 21-day ZhemFit Abs Challenge. It's the first three-week program we launch, and it will efficiently and effectively help you to:

  • Get rid of that stubborn belly fat
  • Sculpt a slimmer waist and (if you want) a six pack
  • Strengthen your core and improve posture and stamina

The course is designed to help you achieve your goals in just 21 days (3 weeks). It's made up by 21 sessions; 18 lessons to exercise abdominal muscles, and 3 stretching lessons to rest and recharge at the end of each week.

1st WEEK: 6x ZhemFit Abs classes and 1x Stretching class, Medium intensity level In the 1st week - which focuses on a medium intensity level - I will explain in detail how to exercise correctly to help ensure your workouts are safe and effective. Every lesson during this week will be dedicated to a certain position, and in every position we will do multiple exercises.

2nd WEEK: 6x ZhemFit Abs classes and 1x Stretching class, Medium/High intensity level During the 2nd week - which picks it up a notch, on a medium/high intensity level - we will continue to work on specific positions but this time around with more complex exercises.

3rd WEEK: 6x ZhemFit Abs classes and 1x Stretching class, High intensity level During the 3rd and final week, every lesson will include a fusion of different positions and exercises on an even higher intensity level.

During these three weeks you will be able to build up your level, and if you follow the designed rhythm of the course, you will be able to follow each class.

At the same time, the benefit of exercising with the video classes is that you are in complete control. If you need to skip a workout, you can just jump back in the following day. You can also exercise based on your own level meaning that you are able to do less or more just by pausing the video or adjusting the number of repetitions as fit you.

Having said that, to achieve the best and quickest results, we of course advise that you stick to the plan and aim to complete each session per day.

If you really want to achieve the results within just 3 weeks then this course is for you!

Please note: Each one of these videos are also available as separate videos for individual purchase (with a 10 day access period).

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1st booking
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30 days
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  • Zhembrovskyy West
  • Zhembrovskyy De Pijp
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