Exploration of Vinyasa Asanas with Melanie

Rumah Yoga
at 26/03/2023 13:00-15:00 o'clock (120 min)
City: Distelweg 74c, 1031 HH Amsterdam
Price: 20.00 €
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20.00 €Single ticket  


Did you know that every bone in every body (!!) is different?!

This means that a posture that is accessible for one body, may be impossible for the next.
When we continue to practice basic yoga asanas, we get to experience what it is that stops us.
This can for example be tension of some sort and/or bone to bone compression.

In this 120min workshop we take more time to examen the body within the postures.
We explore our personal range of motion at this moment in time and we explore the balance between comfort and challenge.

And as always we refer to scriptures, we chant, we joke and have a good time!

Limited spots available! Sign up through the link ...
Sita Rama!

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