Yin Yoga Training Level 1 (50 uur)

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Level 1: Yin Yoga, the Fundamentals (50hrs) 

In this module we focus on the physical aspects (movements, skeleton and muscles) of the Yin practice, and will provide you with a solid foundation to teach and adjust the basicYin Yoga poses of the lower body in a safe and personal way.

You will learn about: 

  • Yin Yoga philosophy & basic principles of energy (Chi), Meridians and Chakras
  • Understanding Yin Yoga versus Yang Yoga
  • Functional Anatomy. You will learn about bones, muscles and connective tissue (Fascia)
  • Target Areas and functional analysis of postures
  • The 14 segments of the skeleton, 10 muscle groups, 7 archetypal poses(14-10-7)
  • 20+ Yin poses and the variations based on 14-10-7
  • Adaptations and variations for different levels/physical abilities and use of “props”
  • You will learn how to teach Yin Yoga professionally.
  • Sequencing using different themes
  • Communicating effectively, working out your script (function and aesthetics)
  • Responsibilities and ethics of a yoga teacher
  • And of course how to improve your own Yin practice

What will the teaching days look like?

The teaching days will be a variety of Theory, Learning by doing and Yin Practice. You will receive a very comprehensive syllabus but in addition we recommend purchasing the following books:

– The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark– The Key Muscles of Yoga by Ray Long

Dates & Time:

Friday 8th of September | 13:30-18:30
Saturday 9th of September | 13:00-18:00
Sunday 10th of September | 13:00-18:00

Friday 22nd of September | 13:30-18:30
Saturday 23rd of September | 13:00-18:00
Sunday 24th of September | 13:00-18:00

Friday 6th of October | 13:30-18:30
Saturday 7th of October | 13:00-18:00
Sunday 8th of October | 13:00-18:00

Bluebirds Haarlem | Rozenstraat 5, Haarlem



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