Ecstatic dance DJ Sefrijn - our very first (!)

Starts on Sunday, 07/08/2022
Price 20.00 €


This is our first ecstatic dance in Kokos with one of our favorite DJ's Sefrijn!

We will dance barefoot, without talking, intuïtive on the waves of music.... Everyone is welcome on this magical dance journey. Dance your own dance.

Music style Sefrijn's music style is shamanic and African percussion, world fusion, tribal downtempo, melodic heart opening with electronical beats, remixed Latin and Klezmer, jazz & global disco.

About Sefrijn He is in love with ecstatic dance, sharing his love with the world by creating a wordless universe of free and safe self-expression. His sets contain music from all around the world, mixing different energies and styles. Behind the decks you will often find him dancing along: embodying the music, sensing, moving with it. Sefrijn's sets are always created in the moment (maybe that's the magic), in tune with the dancers, wit a carefully curated music collection.

Timetable: - Doors open at 18.30h - Opening ceremony starts at 19.00h - DJ set from Sefrijn 19.15h - 21.15h - Closing ceremony 21.15h - Hangout 21.30-22.00h

Guidelines: - no talking - alcohol free - no phone - barefoot

ONLY TICKETS ONLINE / we do not sell tickets at the door (!)

Location: Yoga Studio Kokos in Beverwijk, Breestraat 95-2

Drinks: there will be tea and water for you

Parking: free parking behind the studio at Meerplein 110 in Beverwijk Public transport: Beverwijk train station is a few minutes walk, the train from Amsterdam takes around 30 minutes

Ticket: €22


Annuleren kan kosteloos tot 3 weken voor aanvang.

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