Workshop: Caribbean Tantric Twerk

Starts on Saturday, 30/09/2023
Price 29.50 €


Ooooh, the mystical hips. They can awaken the raw physicality inside of you and your intuitive power.

Reminding you of your essence. Creating an internal, intuitive body connection so profound when you give yourself permission to surrender and let go – to feel your flesh, this body you live in.

The world structures that we live in cuts us off from truly connecting to them. Taming and repressing your inherent internal power so much that we can forget that it’s there. In their depths they hold the key to harmonising the dark feminine – the sensuality, sexuality, rage, intensity, fierceness, intimacy, chaos …. They carry the ability to receive and create.

In this practice, you will explore what it feels like to dive into your juicy, sensuous primal body. Taking Caribbean dance (wining/twerking) to a new level through deep embodiment and tantric practices.

It doesn’t just involve learning how to wine your waist, isolate your hips, jiggle and shake that booty – but giving space to feel into the sensations of what happens as you invite your primal instincts to emerge into rhythm.

Connect and ground into the pelvic core, ignite your feminine energy, unleash the wild sensual that wants to flow. We move and play with the earth and fire energies of the Caribbean culture, bringing the awareness into your body, releasing stagnation, building unity within and with each other.

All in vibrant shaking fun. Juel wants to share some of her Trini culture, as the roots of these ancient dances helped liberate, release, clear, ground, heal, expand and connect. This workout is done barefoot. All are welcome. Wear whatever you feel sexy and comfy to sweat in.


You can cancel free of charge up to 72 hours before the start of the workshop.

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