(Wordt verplaatst, datum volgt) Workshop Bryce Full Weekend

Starts on Friday, 28/06/2024
Price 175.00 €


Friday Evening: 2.5 hours

Fundamentals, Injuries & Customization

Saturday Morning: 2.5 hours

Ashtanga Curry

Saturday Afternoon: 2 hours

Arm Balance Workshop

Sunday Morning: 2.5 hours

Vinyasa Flow

Sunday Afternoon: 1.5 hours

Pranayama Deep Dive

Set yourself up for a lifelong sustainable practice. This weekend workshop is a deep dive into customizing your practice, your alignment & your health. With these tools, you can prevent & reverse injuries for the rest of your life. Laying the foundation for advanced Asana practice to flourish & evolve into the deeper aspects of Yoga.

Individual Workshop Description:

Fundamentals, Injuries & Customization:

Covering the basic theory, movements & practices to set yourself up for a sustainable life long yoga practice. Here, we cover the necessary practices to undo the negative side effects of all strengthening routines, cover practices to get out of pain, reverse current injuries, prevent future injuries & workshop on specific asanas requested by each attendee. 

Ashtanga Curry:

This practice will interweave therapeutics with various micro sequences from all the series of Ashtanga, making this system more approachable, fun & sustainable. 

Arm Balance Workshop:

Alignment, drills & play all combined to explore various arm balances, handstands and setting the foundation for the elusive floating movements to become possible.

Vinyasa Flow:

A fun, all levels asana practice, in a special sequence curated to fill in the blind spots of doing too much Ashtanga. 

Pranayama Deep Dive:

Taught in the system of Sri B.N.S. Iyengar, this practice induces a deep state of trance, making meditation & higher states of consciousness possible. 


1.28/06/202418:00 - 20:30Van Welderenstraat 29, 6511 MB nullnot specified
2.29/06/202415:00 - 18:00Van Welderenstraat 29, 6511 MB nullnot specified
3.30/06/202418:00 - 20:00Van Welderenstraat 29, 6511 MB nullnot specified


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