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This is a great product if you're visiting Amsterdam for a month or have travel plans coming up soon and don't wish to dedicate yourself to a membership account but at the same time have unlimited access to classes for one whole month.

This product is great value if you're interested in coming 2 to 3 x a week for a class! For example, the cost of a class is ~€8 if you join 3 classes a week.

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Number of included units
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1st booking
Duration of validity
1 month
Booking rules
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  • Studio Balance
Included activities
  • Beginners Vinyasa (Arben)
  • The Set (Shane)
  • Pilates (Arianna)
  • All levels Vinyasa (Susan)
  • Vinyasa Morning Flow (Pascale)
  • All Levels Vinyasa (Pascale)
  • Strong Vinyasa Flow (Michaela)
  • Essentrics (Elisa)
  • Pilates (Kinga)
  • All levels Vinyasa (Michaela)
  • Barre Burn (Julie)
  • Yin Yoga w/ Sound Bowls (Merel)
  • All Levels Vinyasa (Pascale)
  • 45 Minute 360 Core (Julie)
  • The Set (Shane)
  • Pilates (Bettina) (All Levels Class and ALSO Safe for Pre & Postnatal)
  • Pilates (Bettina)
  • Ashtanga (Julian)
  • Restorative Yoga (Arben)
  • Restorative Yin w/ Sound Bowls (Merel)
  • Barre (Vanessa)
  • Barre Booty (Kinga)
  • Barre Burn (Julie)
  • Essentrics (Petra)
  • Barre (Julie)
  • Pilates (Sara)
  • All Levels Vinyasa Flow (Arben)
  • Pilates (Shane)
  • Ashtanga (Sabrina)
  • Barre Burn (Shane)
  • Sculpt (Julie)
  • Vinyasa Morning Flow (Susan)
  • Intermediate Vinyasa (Sara)
  • Pilates (Linda)
  • Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra (Geundalina)
  • 45 Minute Sculpt & Tone (Julie)
  • Pilates (Bettina)
  • Ashtanga (Sabrina)
  • Yang to Yin Yoga (Susan)
  • Yin Yoga & Deep Relaxation (Susan)
  • Restorative Yin (Guendalina)
  • Yin Yoga (John)
  • All levels Vinyasa (John)
  • Sculpt & Stretch (Julie)
  • Ashtanga Half Primary Series with Sabrina
  • Ashtanga (Julian)
  • Beginners Vinyasa (Selma)
  • Restorative Yoga (Selma)
  • All levels Vinyasa (Selma)
  • Gentle Vinyasa & Face Yoga (Debbie)
  • Restorative Yoga (Susan)
  • Essentials of Essentrics Workshop with Petra Blank
  • Strong Vinyasa Flow (Yessica)
  • Barre (Yessica)
  • Yin Yoga (Sara)
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