Introduction to Yoga Workshop with Susan Keizers (Workshop Only)

Starts on Saturday, 06/01/2024
Price 22.50 €


Are you (completely) new to Yoga?  Or have you not practiced in a while (or on and off) and do you wish to start (again) with the right foundations? Are you sometimes looking at a studio’s schedule of Yoga classes and you honestly don’t know which is which and which class is best for you? Don’t worry, we got you with this Introduction to Yoga Workshop guided by Susan Keizers.

We will be the first to proudly admit that in the beginning when we just started Yoga, that it felt at times quite daunting and intimidating even to book a class because we didn’t know the different types of classes and didn’t also know what to expect in the classes – there was a form of indivisible barrier for joining for the longest time and we want to help take down that barrier just a little bit for you.

In this Workshop, Susan will talk you through in plain & simple English and high-level what the Yoga philosophy is as well as highlight what the different types of Yoga are (using clear examples). As part of her explaining the philosophy of Yoga you will be invited to (optionally) see how your breath plays an important role in all classes and she will also stand still on some of the most common poses. So that you really get a great first feel & impression of Yoga. Towards the end of the Workshop we’ll hand out suggestions of further readings, say you’re keen on one or several areas of Yoga and we will definitely make sure to have time to answer any questions you may have (in group form or privately) so that you can find the Yoga that best fits your needs at this moment.

Fee: EUR 22,50 for the workshop alone or EUR 45 for the workshop plus 3 Yoga classes of your choice at Studio Balance

Please note that the workshop is set up into 2 main parts;

  1. The first part focuses on offering you an explanation of what Yoga is followed by the second part,
  2. Namely the practical application of the most common poses in a more yang (active) Yoga practice. 

This Workshop is for Beginners, and we ask you to please wear lose fitting fitness close that allow you to move freely.

This Workshop is therefore shaped to prepare you for the classes that you wish to take next! 

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1.06/01/202413:00 - 14:15Rijnstraat 63h, 1079GW AmsterdamSusan

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