Soften in Order to Strengthen - A Pilates Masterclass with Brittany Anthony

Starts on Sunday, 26/11/2023
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Soften in Order to Strengthen - A Pilates Masterclass with Brittany Anthony

Why this masterclass is for you: Pilates is incredibly popular and we know why we love it - Pilates helps us improve our muscle tone, flexibility and overall strength in our bodies. Pilates, when done regularly, offers us greater stability, endurance and cultivates a longer, leaner physique. It also does wonders in helping us heal from certain injuries, e.g. lower back pain. However, we noticed that many of us follow Pilates without really knowing the fundamentals of the practice and how once we know these that it has really helped deepen our practice to a whole new level.

We wanted to offer you a masterclass that allows you to gain insight in the Pilates fundamentals that you can take with you in your next Pilates class hereafter.

Main takeaways of this 2.5 hour Masterclass: To understand the fundamentals, anatomy basics, breathe awareness and alignment of one’s body while learning how to curate your approach and build a dynamic personal practice in Pilates.

How will the afternoon look like: Both theory as well as direct application on the following topics, amongst others, will take place for the first part of the Masterclass;

  • Pilates Fundamentals
  • Anatomy Basics
  • Breathe & Movement
  • Posture Alignment
  • Your Personal Approach to Pilates

The second part of the Masterclass will be a direct application of everything you've learned in a Guided Group Pilates Class.

We'll close the Masterclass off with tea and/or matcha and some vegan healthy bites.

This is an All Levels Pilates Masterclass - therefore we welcome Beginners to Advanced Pilates practitioners!

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1.26/11/202313:00 - 15:30Rijnstraat 63h, 1079GW AmsterdamBrittany


Please note that due to preparations and supplies, you will only be refunded if you cancel 72 hours or earlier than this special class.

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