Be mindful in your cycle - A Yin Yoga & Acupressure Workshop with Merel & Orit

Starts on Sunday, 10/09/2023
Price 45.00 €


Achieving a more relaxed menstrual cycle with Acupressure & Yin Yoga with Orit Zilberman & Merel Uitendaal

When: Saturday June 10, 14:30-17:00

Who is it for:

All woman above the age of 18 who wish to independently treat the difficulties with her cycle are welcome. 

What to expect:​

A workshop for the natural paracetamol. Dive into the benefits of Yin Yoga, Acupressure and Acupuncture to support your menstrual cycle. Orit and Merel's aim is to give you the independency for self treatment, to have control on your own body, to learn how to prevent discomfort from becoming pain.

**High-level our afternoon will include:**

~ A grounding and connecting meditation together

~ Shared insights & knowledge on the benefits of Yin Yoga, Acupressure and Acupuncture on the female body

~ A comforting and slow Yin Yoga class guided by Merel with acupressure by Orit 

You will leave with the tools and more self-knowledge on how to support your own bodies menstrual cycle.

What to bring:

Comfortable & loose clothing. Healthy vegan snacks as well as tea will be provided on location. 

Price: €45

Trainer :



1.10/09/202313:00 - 16:00Rijnstraat 63h, 1079GW AmsterdamMerel


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