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Starts on Sunday, 06/11/2022
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Loosening your Fascia (your connective tissue) has many benefits, such as improving tissue recovery, neuromuscular efficiency, blood flow, functional muscular length, joint range of motion and overall effects of stress on the body. 

Fascia Release is the perfect lesson to discover how much you can achieve with self-massage. By using special balls and a foam roller you learn techniques to loosen your Fascia. By lying on the balls in different positions, pressure is created on your connective tissue and the underlying muscles. Sometimes it takes a bit of perseverance to dare to let go of the muscles because of the pain. But as soon as the muscles can relax, they become soft and flexible again.

In this circle, Nicole will invite Cleo to join us, and explain in more detail; the benefits of Fascia Release and she will guide us through a self-massage release session together.  

You will leave this session with a better understanding of your Fascia, the benefits of loosening this as well as how you can achieve this both in a class lead by Cleo or in your own home.

About Cleo Kwaaitaal:

Cleo Kwaaitaal has been teaching Fascia Release for several years. She enjoys seeing the relaxation of her students over time during a given session. The awareness in everyone's body that students allow themselves to experience is an enrichment in itself for the student as well as for her.

Cleo became interested in Fascia Release during her dance period, a period in which she had suffered several (minor) injuries caused by strain, tired muscles and making wrong movements. With the help of the tools used in Fascia Release Cleo began massaging, rolling, pushing and looking for the painful spots and soon found it to be very effective.

Trainer :

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1.06/11/202214:00 - 16:30Rijnstraat 63h, 1079GW AmsterdamNicole


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