Handstand Workshop (Rotterdam, 29-05)

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From complete beginners to the ones getting some seconds of free balance. The focus of this workshop will be in exploring and understanding the foundations of handbalancing, experiencing how to approach its practice in a sustainable, safe, and efficient way. By attending this event, you can expect to gain a solid understanding of the skill and take with you a toolkit of exercises that can be used in your own training to learn how to efficiently stand on your hands and build a solid practice towards elements like the handstand press or the one arm handstand.

About Instructor Andrés Cerdeira Born in Venezuela but raised in Spain, his handbalancing journey started +8 years ago while studying his BSc in sports science. His self-taught practice soon led him to discover the contemporary circus-style of handbalancing by attending several workshops and masterclasses, which eventually resulted in him applying and joining the Contemporary Circus education offered at AFUK, the circus school of Copenhagen. Driven by his commitment to add value to the handstand community and circus, now he is getting involved in the local circus scene and teaches as a guest teacher at the Bachelor of Contemporary Circus Arts offered at ACaPA (Academy of Circus and Performing Arts), as well as at various workshops arranged in studios and fitness centers. In this way, his teaching merges the best of his academic background and circus experience to transmit to everyone interested in getting upside down how the skill works and how to train it in a safe and efficient way.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/a.handstand/ Website: https://www.ahandstand.org/

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