BP Social @ Den Haag - Performance edition

Starts on Saturday, 30/09/2023
Price from 10.00 €


BP Social - Den Haag 30 September
Special Performance edition with Demi & Dylan. Don't miss out on the best social latin dance nights Zuid-Holland has to offer 🔥 with your DJ's Nokki & SirBenjamin!

Be on time and get your Social Ticket now! The social ticket includes the mini workshop from 21:30 - 22:00!

Earlybird: €7,50 Regular €10,- Last minute: €15,-
Social Ticket does not include the performance Bootcamp.

Location:Bachata Passion Den Haag / RijswijkVisseringlaan 19, 2288ER

Performance Bootcamps & show

Join Demi with Ladystyling & Dylan with menstylingI want to perform!

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On the 30th September from 14:00 to 17:00 (3h) Demi or Dylan will guide you through a fun & challenging Choreography that you get to perform with them & your group at the BP social! + rehearsal beforehand.

The show will be focussed on bachata musicality, bodymovement and team-showmenship; the perfect opportunity if you always wanted to dance a bachata show with Bachata Passion!
Get out of your comfort-zone and challenge yourself! Sign up by yourself or with your bacha-friends!

14:00 - 17:00 (3h)

20:00 - 21:00 (1h)


Costs: €45,-
For a total of 4 hours of a BP performance experience!

Trainer :

Dylan de Haas
Demi Holkenborg

Bachata Passion Teacher with a passion for people. Demi has a sharp focus on technique, styling & bodymovement for both leaders and followers; as she is able to teach both roles. Find her lessons in the schedule or book her for a private class in: - Leading - Following - Choreography (for personal develeopment or wedding dances) - Ladystyling - or if you wish to improve your bachata on any level


1.30/09/202314:00 - 17:00Visseringlaan 19, 2288 ER RijswijkDylan de Haas
2.30/09/202314:00 - 17:00Visseringlaan 19, 2288 ER RijswijkDemi Holkenborg
3.30/09/202321:30 - 23:59Visseringlaan 19, 2288 ER Rijswijknot specified

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