Mama en Baby Well Cared

Block card


✔ Deze kaart is te gebruken voor de 4 weekse mama en baby yogalessen of de babymassage samen + 6 postnatale yoga of outdoor mama move strong lessen, te volgen vanaf 6 weken na je bevalling

✔ Bewust bewegen en ontspannen, zo goed mogelijk herstel na je bevalling en samen met je kindje

✔ Toegang tot onze online community Mama Support groep


✔ This card can be used for the 4 weeks mama and baby classes or the babymassage together + 6 postnatal yoga or outdoor mama move strong classes, to be followed from 6 weeks after your birth

✔ Consciously moving and relaxing, recover as best as possible after childbirth and together with your baby

✔ Access to our online community Mama Support group

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10 units
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4 months
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  • Studio Vansi
Included activities
  • MomWorkout / OUTDOOR
  • Postnatal yoga / Benoordenhout
  • Mama & Baby yoga / Centrum
  • Postnatal yoga / ONLINE
  • Mindful Mom Support / ONLINE
  • Postnatal yoga / Statenkwartier
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