Deep Dive with Cacao & Breathwork

Starts on Friday, 04/11/2022
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Are you ready for an energizing and inspiring inner journey? Do you want to dive deep within and unlock some hidden potential? Don’t hesitate! Friday November 4th from 19:30 till 22:00, Jaime and Nanneke are guiding you through a magical evening filled with cacao and breathwork.

Cacao We start this workshop with a moment to become still, land in our seats, and share cacao. Cacao (drink) is highly nutritious, and it is known to give energy and focus. Through its effects on our neurotransmitters, it creates a relaxed and loving presence. It combines beautifully with breathwork, and lets us travel deep within in a supporting and loving way.

Breathwork Experience an inner journey and the powerful influence breathwork has on our conscious & unconscious states of being. Dive deep within your body and connect to it on a cellular level. Breathing together creates a powerful and connected experience, and supports a deep opening up, letting go and feeling of oneness. With the support of the music the vibrations will be felt in every part of the body. Experience a deep relaxation, a better understanding and unlock the magic within.

About Jaime and Nanneke

Nanneke and Jaime are both incredibly passionate about breath and will join hands for this powerful workshop. Nanneke ( has been on the Yogic path since 2008, with over 15 years of experience in teaching and studying the breath in its different forms. Jaime ( started his journey in 2012 and has since then become a part of YogaPoint, where he has been teaching weekly classes since 2014. Very passionate about the breath and cold training, he often collaborates with Wim Hof in the Netherlands and internationally.

Note: breathwork is healing and deep inner work. If you experience severe anxiety, epilepsy or have a history with psychosis, this group setting workshop is unfortunately not suited. If you have any concerns or questions about participating, feel free to contact us at

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1.04/11/202219:30 - 22:00Distelweg 74c, 1031 HH AmsterdamExterne

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