50hr Yoga Pre-Teacher Training

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A 50 hour Yoga Teacher Training with the wonderful Aimee Tanon

This immersive program is your gateway into the profound world of yoga. It’s a stepping stone, enabling you to delve into yoga's rich history, philosophy, and teaching methods, providing you with an authentic understanding of what it truly means to be a yoga instructor. Split over two in depth weekends:

3RD SESSION : JAN / FEB ( Register email at hotflowyoga.nl for updates)

What transformative learnings will I gain from this 50HR program?Prepare to deepen your wellspring of knowledge. We traverse the key aspects of yoga, from philosophical roots, anatomy, and alignment, to the captivating world of pranayama and meditation. Plus, you’ll dip your toes into the enchanting realm of teaching through hands-on practice under our experts' guidance.Is prior yoga experience a prerequisite?Although having some background in yoga is beneficial, this program is meticulously designed to welcome all levels. Whether you're a novice or an advanced practitioner, the pre-teacher training offers a unique learning curve for everyone.Is this program exclusively for aspiring teachers?Absolutely not! This transformative journey is for anyone who seeks to deepen their connection with yoga. Even if teaching isn't in your plan, the program will amplify your understanding and personal practice, illuminating your yoga journey.Will this program enable me to teach independently?The 50HR Pre-Teacher Training is an insightful introduction to the teaching world. It offers a comprehensive overview and hands-on experience, but it's designed to be the first step on your path towards becoming a fully qualified yoga instructor.How is the 50-hour schedule structured?We blend guided practice, theoretical wisdom, and practical application to provide a well-rounded experience. Expect to dive into daily asana practices, enlightening lectures on yoga philosophy, anatomy discussions, and interactive teaching sessions.

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