Athleticflow Teacher Training

Starts on Monday, 25/09/2023


Athleticflow Teacher Training:

Learn directly from the founders Simon Kersten.

This course appeals to a wide range of people. Both yogis and those who love intensive workouts. athleticflow is structured in different levels so that it is suitable for every fitness level. You can teach athleticflow anywhere.

With athleticflow, effective high-intensity interval training meets calm yoga flows. Tension and relaxation follow each other in constant alternation - for great fun, optimal fitness and inner peace. The HIIT specialist Simon and the yoga teacher Nora Kersten developed the popular concept together to create new training incentives and train holistically.

Training content athletic flow master class Learn HIIT Movements & Yoga Flows General structure of athleticflow Athleticflow background and philosophy Teaching Skills Yoga fundamentals Adjustments & construction of sequences Motivational skill training

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