Bliss Meditation Workshop on Saturday: Yoga & Healing

Starts on Saturday, 20/01/2024
Price from 35.00 €


A Complete Workshop of Body, Mind and Soul.

This special Sunday Workshop program consists of practical techniques and anchors that help you achieve a perfect equilibrium between mind, body, and soul. Cultivate a life of wisdom and live a supremely victorious journey of life.

Bliss Love Meditation has its foundation in Love. We feel loved due to the release of a very special hormone called Oxytocin. It is also known as the love hormone. While doing this bliss love meditation there is an abundance of oxytocin released in our body and we experience love, compassion and bliss in our hearts. This meditation is specially curated by Master Dr Deepak Mittal from his spiritual experiences.

Divine Healing is an amalgamation of both ancient & modern healing techniques. Become a self-healer and discover the Inner power of your soul & enhance the flow of divine energy within you that will shepherd good luck, inner peace, contentment & prosperity in your life. Bring your notebook & pen to take notes of the insights! This healing will mend the blockage in your chakras, especially your heart (Anahata) chakra and eliminate the bitter experience of past relationships. It will create a magnetism around you such that you will only attract positive relationships.

After the workshop you will be able to also purchase the healing set of crystals to continue practice at home.

Laughter therapy or Laughter yoga (Hasyayoga) is a modern exercise that will induce spontaneous laughter in you. Discover that you don’t really need a reason to be happy and laughing! Laughter Yoga brings out the child in you and makes you naturally a happy person. Happiness yields unlimited love and mends relationships.

The yoga asana has been designed in such a way that it will rejuvenate yourself, make you flexible, de-stress you and give you a higher clarity of mind. Starting from simple to advanced asana you will learn it all from our very experienced and qualified yoga teachers.

Tea, fruits & snacks available during breaks between the practices.

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1.20/01/202409:00 - 13:30Bernissestraat 12B, 1079 ZW Amsterdamnot specified

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