Yin Yoga Training Level 2 - start 10 november 2023

Starts on Friday, 10/11/2023
Price 750.00 €


Level 2: Yin Yoga, the Energetic Body (50 hrs)

In this module we will go deeper into the energetic aspects of Yin Yoga and Upper Body Anatomy and Asanas.

You will learn about:

  • The background of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Practical Energetic Anatomy
  • Meridian theory and
  • The relation between Meridians and the organs
  • The relation between Meridians and the emotions
  • The relation between Meridians and the Chakras
  • Chakra meditation and theory
  • Five elements theory
  • Meridian tapping & Master acupressure points
  • Anatomy of the upper body
  • Yin Yoga asanas (for the upper body)
  • Target areas, modifications and variations
  • How to use yoga props (bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets)
  • How to teach Yin Yoga
  • Build creative Yin classes (sequencing) based on the meridians, five elements and Chakras
  • How to bring more depth to your Yin Yoga classes and your own practice by using themes

What will the teaching days look like?The teaching days will be a variety of Theory, Learning by doing and Yin Practice. You will receive a very comprehensive syllabus but in addition we recommend purchasing the following books:

– The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark– The Key Muscles of Yoga by Ray Long


Amsterdam Level 2
Friday 10th of November | 13:30-19:00
Saturday 11th of November | 9:30-17:45
Sunday 12th of November | 9:30-17:45

Friday 24th of November | 13:30-19:00
Saturday 25th of November | 9:30-17:45
Sunday 26th of November | 9:30-17:45

Bluebirds Oost | Louise Wentstraat 186, Amsterdam

Trainer :

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Hellen van der Harten


1.10/11/202313:30 - 19:00 186 Louise Wentstraat, 1018 MS AmsterdamHellen van der Harten


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