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SYNERGY Movements is an online movement and lifestyle studio which offers smartly designed and effective online (and soon ondemand) Pilates, High Intensity Pilates & Fitness training. Easy or challenging, but always doable for all levels. Get ready to sculpt, sweat, burn, tight & tone with our online classes to get in shape physically & mentally! These workouts are designed to make you FEEL good! And a bonus; you'll get in the best shape of your life! How cool is that? We also offer exclusive private/duet lessons in Amsterdam region which you can book for personal training from the comfort of your own home. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in this type of training. So let's go and sweat together!











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a day ago

Hele fijne les! Veel variatie in oefeningen en duidelijke uitleg. En goede spierpijn de volgende dag dus dan weet je waar je het voor doet!


6 months ago

Nikki is een ervaren en gedreven instructrice. We hebben tijdens de les gefocust om het versterken van mijn core. Ik merkte gelijk dat we de juiste spieren hadden getriggerd. Ze heeft ook een prettige energie waardoor je nog net dat stapje verder gaat. Ik zou Nikki aan iedereen aanraden! She rocks!


6 months ago

Veel plezier gehad tijdens deze les! Goede uitleg en tips gekregen bij de oefeningen waardoor ik er alles uit kon halen. Nikki motiveert tot het einde en zorgt voor persoonlijke aandacht. Zeker een aanrader!


6 months ago

HIIT lesje gevolgd bij Nikki; heerlijke energieke les op fijne beats waar de combi van kracht en cardio maar bovenal plezier voorop staat! Nikki is professioneel, geeft heldere instructies en motiveert je om alles uit het lesje te halen.

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About the Team

Nikki is a professionally educated Pilates trainer who strives to live a balanced, energetic and fit lifestyle. She uses (High Intensity) Pilates & Fitness to (re)connect with the body, mind and spirit. Her purpose is to challenge you with her workouts and energy. To help you achieve your ultimate fitness goal and challenge you to go outside of your comfort zone mentally, physically and spiritually. Her workout method has helped her and others to create the best version of yourself. She uses here workouts to feel good and loves teaching classes so she can help anyone who's looking to feel good too! And a bonus; you'll be in the best shape of your life! So do you want to (re)connect to an energetic & balanced fit lifestyle? Let’s workout together and get to it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer online Pilates & Fitness classes. But there’s more to it. SYNERGY helps you to get (back) in sync and shape with smartly designed and effective workouts. We combine Pilates and Fitness exercises with High Intensity Interval Training. By combining these training methods you will kickstart your metabolism which will burn fat during training and even for 48 hours after training. You will tight & tone your small muscle groups for long lean muscles and core strength. And let's not forget you'll get stronger physically, mentally & spiritually each and every time while working on your endurance!
We offer classes online via zoom. It's important you have good internet access and a laptop, tablet or smartphone to enter the classes. You simply purchase a ticket for the scheduled zoom class and you will receive an e-mail with instructions in how to set up for class. Make sure you set up 5 minutes before class.
We offer our classes online. This means you can follow the classes wherever you are. All you need is a fitness mat or a towel, some water and maybe some props like (small) weights and mini resistance bands. If you don't have any of these props you can use for e.g. water bottles, small cushion, backpack with for books or a bag of sand for weight. If you don't have any of the above, that's okay! All classes can be done without props as well.
Too bad you can't make it! We'd like to refer you to our cancellation terms. You can either reschedule or cancel. When you cancel within

Did you know your company can help support your sports routine? Learn more here