FORM is a barre and yoga studio in Amsterdam, founded by Italy Padilla.

For the past year and a half, FORM has been operating as a pop-up studio out of various different locations. Although the pop-up locations kept changing, the quality of the classes always remained consistent. She has now finally reached her long-term goal: opening the first, permanent FORM studio. The location of the new studio is on the very popular Eerste Oosterparkstraat!

Due to the governmental measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 Virus, they are currently only offering Live Online FORM classes through Zoom. You can book these classes through the booking system (Eversports), via their website or the Eversports app.

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2 months ago

Favourite yoga!

3 months ago

So happy I can follow barre from another country!

3 months ago

Great class

About the Team

The owner of FORM is Italy Padilla - born and raised in Seattle - who moved to Amsterdam 3 years ago with the goal to open her own Barre & Yoga studio. She has danced professionally for multiple contemporary ballet companies - but when she started doing barre as a workout, she instantly felt a newfound passion to pursue a career as a teacher and studio owner. She learned that a combination of Barre & Yoga was the perfect balance between gaining strength and flexibility in a safe and sustainable way. After moving to Amsterdam, she quickly became well-known for her energetic teaching style and creative sequencing - aiming to get you to sweat!

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Questions and Answers

Why should I visit FORM?

You'll notice that all of their classes are unique and challenging in terms of sequencing, but are constant in their quality and focus on execution. Their teachers will always help you to get the most out of your workout!

What should I know of the first visit?

Know that FORM barre classes are for all levels, so there's no need to be worried about the level of difficulty. The workout will be hard for everyone, both beginners and experienced students.

FORM Yoga classes are advanced, so keep in mind that you will need at least some experience with Vinyasa, because the basic elements won't be the focus of the class. There are, of course, variations offered in each pose so that you can get the most out of your movement - regardless of your level of flexibility or strength.

Please notify the teacher if you have any injuries they should know about. Keep in mind that none of the FORM teachers have medical licenses: they can only advise you on physiological adjustments for movements during the workout. They can not offer you medical advice.

Their new FORM studio is currently under construction. You can follow them on Instagram to stay updated or sign up for their newsletter to get all the latest information on the opening and more!

Do I need to bring any sport equipment or is it possible to borrow it at the facility?

During their Live Online classes you will need only a mat (of sorts) and a towel. During FORM barre it can help challenge you if you use weights. These don't have to be dumbbells - they can be bottles, or books or anything along that line. A strap can be handy during stretching, just like yoga blocks. You can get creative with household objects, in case you don't own these. A scarf can be fashioned into a strap and books can work fine as a yoga block!

What do I need to do if I have booked something but am not able to come?

If you'd like to cancel, please do so in time (check the booking page to see the cancellation policy). If something happened that's out of your control, please send them a message so they can work something out.

What else should I know of?

The barre classes are high intensity, high energy, low impact. Be prepared to sweat, burn, shake, and to have a great time! As for yoga, their Vinyasa classes are full of creative flows and interesting new poses to work towards. Stay with your breath and listen carefully to the cues, you'll notice you can do more than you think you can!