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Maandlidmaatschap 2x per maand (jongeren)

28,50 / month
Runtime: 1 month
2 participations / month


Informatie: - Voor jongeren tussen 12 en 18 jaar

Trainingen: - 2 trainingen per maand - trainingen naar keuze

Betaling: - automatisch maandelijks verlengd - betaling via automatische incasso - maandelijks opzegbaar (1 maand opzegtermijn)

Extra: - geen inschrijfkosten

Payment terms & cancellation

The first payment will be charged on 03/12/2021. Afterwards, you will be charged every 1 month.
If you cancel the membership until 02/12/2021, it will be terminated on 02/01/2022.
Otherwise, it will automatically be extended at the end of the current runtime by 1 month.
If you purchase your membership online, you can cancel it online in the membership details. If you buy the membership directly at the facility, the cancellation must be submitted in written form to the facility.
By completing the purchase you verify that you are at least 18 years old.