Intro to Yoga Workshop

Karunika Spiritual Center
at 04/06/2023 13:00-15:30 o'clock (150 min)
City: Meerhuizenplein 11, 1078 TB Amsterdam


45.00 €Ticket for Su. 04/06/2023, 13:00 - 15:30  


Are you interested in learning about yoga, but feeling overwhelmed by the variety of paths and styles available? Do you want to establish a solid foundation for your practice, with proper alignment and breath awareness? In this introductory workshop you will have the chance to ask any questions you might have which you are usually not able to ask during a regular yoga class. The workshop will be divided in two parts: Theory and Practice. 

In this workshop we will explore:

  • History of Yoga: Get a broad overview of the history of yoga and origin and how it has developed over time. 
  • Styles of Yoga: We will discuss the most popular styles like Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin and Restorative, and compare their features.
  • Breathwork: During the practical part of the workshop we will talk about the role of the breath in yoga and practice Sama Vritti pranayama together.
  • Alignment and Prop Utilization: Get tips on how to achieve proper alignment in foundational poses and use props to support your practice.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and anyone who wants to refresh their understanding of yoga fundamentals. Come with comfortable clothes and a willingness to explore the many paths and styles of yoga!

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Angela started practising yoga initially to support her body for other forms of physical exercise. However, after her very first class she noticed that there was more to it. The blissful feeling of serenity and unity kept her coming back for more. After several years of practice she decided to follow a Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Amsterdam. In her Gentle Flow classes she wants to create a safe space for students to explore their minds and potential without any judgment. "Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice Yoga" - T.K.V.Desikachar

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