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Flink Studio
at 25/09/2021 14:00-16:00 o'clock (120 min)
Address: Jan Tooropstraat 8, 1062BM Amsterdam
Price: 50.00 €


50.00 €Single ticket  


Do you have a deck and don't know where to start? That's a great first step ;)

In this workshop we're going to dive deep into the world of Tarot. You don't even need to have a deck or know all about it actually, we're here to teach you all about that: how to choose a deck, how to interpret the cards and most importantly how to connect to your intuitive and creative inner fire in order to spark the reader and express the storytelling in you!

This workshop will be a great introduction in the vast world of Tarot interpretation, you'll get to understand the structure of a traditional deck that will ultimately help you understand other decks as well.

Key point that we are going to focus on: -Major and Minor Arcana -The Suits & Elements -The Court Cards & Archetypes - Reading for yourself

If you have any questions please email our teacher Roxana to

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Roxana Daniela
Roxana discovered Yoga almost over 10 years ago and practiced ever since. Her journey in this world had a soft and gradually pace as she practiced different styles and joined multiple communities where she helped and practiced as a karma yogi, worked as a studio host, naturally studied to become a Yoga teacher and eventually creating a space dedicated to Yoga and mindfulness practices in 2018. Next to being a Yoga teacher and studio manager, she is a Spiritual Coach and Tarot Advisor, and an Essential oils Educator. Currently she’s teaching easy Vinyasa flow and restorative classes for people to relax, let go and connect with their bodies and inner intuitive movements, a meditative and calm state of being is one of the goals in her teachings. In the present moment she is studying Reiki Master Certification and NLP Programming, all this completing her holistic wellness as a way of living and to support her students. You can follower her on IG @danirox.goodvibes Or contact:

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