Special: "Psychedelic Breath ®" met Loes Hovestad (GRATIS VOOR LEDEN)

Rumah Yoga
at 27/03/2021 16:00-17:15 o'clock (75 min)
Address: Distelweg 74c, 1031 HH Amsterdam
Price: from 15.00 €


15.00 €Single ticket  
47.50 € / monthLight Lidmaatschap  
57.50 € / monthFull Lidmaatschap  
522.50 € / 12 monthsLight JAAR Lidmaatschap  
632.50 € / 12 monthsFull JAAR Lidmaatschap  


Let Marloes guide you through the transformative PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® into a state of non-ordinary consciousness.

Are you ready for a deep dive into your inner Self?

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® combines elements of ancient yogic breathwork traditions and findings of contemporary neuroscience. Within the breath meditation you alter your brain frequencies into deeper states of meditation. Touching upon your subconscious mind as well as your emotional body, you clear out mental, emotional and physical blockages.

No experience required, all you need is an open and curious mind. There’s no drug and no teacher greater than the wisdom keeper inside all of us.

NOTE: If any of the following indications apply to you, please contact me before signing up; Pregnancy; epilepsy; high blood pressure; high inner eye pressure; cardiovascular problems; clinical anxiety disorder, severe panic attacks or psychosis.

Let op: deze les is gratis voor leden!

Uiteraard zijn niet-leden ook welkom! (15 euro p.p.).

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Cancellation conditions

Annuleringen zijn online mogelijk op Eversports tot 24 uur voor aanvang.