Grappling Monkey | Nimble Tree Workshop

Movement Amsterdam
Starts on Sunday, 11/09/2022 - 3 units
Address: Nieuwe Looiersstraat 49, 1017 VB Amsterdam
Price: 40.00 €


40.00 €Grappling Monkey | Nimble Tree Workshop  


To Make body to body communication as fluid as speech

WARNING This workshop is only for people who enjoy using their bodies and want to do so for the rest of their life.

After More than 50 hours of hands-on exploring how to do many variations of moving with another person and moving against another person, it is time to take the biggest takeaways and smash them together into one big workshop!

The workshop will have 4 main themes:

Child's Play Here we will explore Play and see how this might teach us to be better humans and how basic morality principles might arise from this. If one thinks this is strictly for children you might be making a misjudgment...

State of Readiness From Play, we can crossover into playfighting and see how we can handle adversity, frustration, and fear and turn it into competence by willfully embracing challenging games!

Communicative partnering This is all about improvising with another body and learning how we can communicate better not through speech but through Movement. It is about creating a fleeting moment of beautiful flow with another person

Body of work Here we explore numerous ways of working on another body using massage, shaking, stretching, and other tools to make them feel simply amazing.

What can you expect? -5 hours of workshop -1 hour of break in between -15 spots open

Damage Early bird €40 (first 6 participants) Late bird €50

Bring extra clothing...sweating is pretty much guaranteed Bring your own lunch or have one at the many places that are around this area Bring your own body...we will replace it with better software installed!

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1.11/09/202210:00 - 16:00Nieuwe Looiersstraat 49, 1017 VB AmsterdamVirgil
2.22/10/202213:00 - 16:00Nieuwe Looiersstraat 49, 1017 VB AmsterdamVirgil
3.23/10/202211:00 - 17:00Nieuwe Looiersstraat 49, 1017 VB AmsterdamVirgil

Cancellation conditions

Annuleringen zijn online mogelijk op Eversports tot 24 uur voor aanvang.