Advanced Vinyasa: Twist

Rumah Yoga
at 12/12/2020 13:30-16:00 o'clock (150 min)
Address: Distelweg 74c, 1031 HH Amsterdam
Price: 35.00 €


35.00 €Single ticket  


Function and Alignment in Advanced Vinyasa: Twist

This workshop will focus on Twists and build up from basic, fundamental poses to advanced, high peak poses.

Through the function of the pose, we explore the stability, flexibility and mobility of the body. Due to variation and anatomical uniqueness, alignment is very personal. Yiwen will offer you specific guidance in your exploration.

We will also do pranayama (breathing excersises) with essential oils and will end with a deep guided meditation.

Please note: one year experience with yoga is requiered.

I.v.m. corona-maatregelen vragen we je om bij binnenkomst en tussendoor je handen te desinfecteren, voldoende afstand te houden en je eigen yogamat en props mee te nemen.

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