Earth Energy Workshop with Qi Gong and Yin Yoga

Urban Flow
at 26/09/2021 14:30-17:00 o'clock (150 min)
Address: Judith Leysterstraat 54, 2023 EH Haarlem
Price: 35.00 €


35.00 €Single ticket  


In Chinese Medicine Theory, there are five natural elements that exist within us, as they do in nature. Each season belongs to a particular element and has unique correspondences. When we study nature’s patterns and cycles, we can learn how to support our own health and stay well year-round.

The long days of summer are winding down and we find ourselves transitioning into the season of the Earth element- the season of harvest. It’s time to take stock in the celebration and abundance of summer and let that nourish our body and mind.

Now is the time to reinforce the vitality of the Earth Element and spleen Qi: the spleen & stomach represent the Earth Element within us.

During this workshop we will nourish the spleen Qi by practicing Qi Gong, Yin Yoga & mindfulness. The workshop will be taught by Giulia Ortu and Fiona Straathof.

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Fiona Straathof

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