Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony - Britta Waechter

The Human Fabrique
at 28/11/2020 17:40-21:00 o'clock (200 min)
Address: Henk van Turnhoutpad 2, 2034 JL Haarlem
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Honouring and enjoying the sacred pure cacao drink and diving deeper into the heart in a space of togetherness – I believe in the beauty of true connection, connection with ourselves and connection with others. Let's meet in a sacred space for a deep encounter with yourself. A time to disconnect from your busy mind to reconnect with yourself and all around you. Experience the alchemy of cacao and the heart, open your heart and embrace your heart intentions. This ceremony, we will be flowing through enjoying sacred cacao, sharings, meditation & visualisations, moments of silence, heart exercises, some movement and all held by the soft and gentle embrace of the medicine of the heart. ☾ Background Cacao Ceremonies ☾

Honouring and celebrating cacao as a sacred drink in a space of togetherness at ceremonies or rituals is an ancient tradition, originating from the Mayas and Aztecs in Central and South America. In the early days it was honoured and sacrificed for example at fire ceremonies, child birth, weddings and more. The pure cacao ceremony has been introduced not so long ago, as the spirit plants are coming back in these times to support the opening and the shift towards the heart space.

Cacao is honoured as a gift from the gods and helps us shift down from the head into the heart. It is seen as a medicine that helps us heal and transform. Cacao is a wonderful catalyst for healing work and supports us in making a connection with our heart and experiencing a deeper connection with ourselves and everything around us.The benefits of cacao are various from being a soft, sustainable energizer through theobromine, a stimulator for happiness, pleasure and motivation through seratonin and dopamine production. Cacao is furthermore very nutritious containing vitamins, antioxidants, lots of minerals and healthy fats. A true treat for heart, body & mind.

☾ ABOUT BRITTA ☾ 5 years ago I took a leap of faith, quit my corporate job and packed my bags to travel the world. For me, this was the journey to truly reconnect to myself and to discover what it means to really listen to my heart. This was the start of a journey, a journey deeper than I could have ever imagined…It became the path from my head into my heart, which is the most beautiful discovery and brought the liberation I was longing for. …and the journey still continues. Step by step unbounding my heart and feeling the freedom arising from within. A yoga teacher training in India, meditation retreats all around the world, spiritual heart opening courses, mindfulness deep dives, shamanic immersions, working as mentor and coach at an empowerment center; all these exeriences broadened my inner horizon. It allowed me to become who I am right now and to do what I am called to do today. I came across the magic of cacao in Latin America. Since then, cacao has guided me on my inner path and held the space for healing and awakening the love inside. Cacao is a beautiful, gentle and yet so powerful tool to support heart healing and awakening.

☾ PRICE ☾ Normal €35,-, Members discount €30,-

☾ Walkin 17.40u Start 18.00u Saying Goodbye around 21.00u.

☾ We are taking care of the COVID19 in the studio. For the safety of you and your fellow yogis, we cannot accept anyone with cough or flu symptoms. We ask you not to come to the studio until you feel completely better. Stay home and get well. Wash your hands or use disinfectant hand gel when entering the studio. We are so excited to be able to come together again! Please do keep 1,5 meter distance from each other. For hygiene reasons we advise you to bring their own mat and props. Don’t have your own mat yet? Bring a large towel or sarong. For health and safety reasons, we are not serving any water or tea. Please bring your own water bottle. See you in the studio!

Namasté, Angie & Britta ☾

☾ TESTIMONIALS ☾ “Such a meaningful experience that lingers in my memory. The ceremony nourished my body and especially my heart. I learned to listen to what my heart desires. Britta creates a save space and helps to shape a beautiful energy that allows you to truly surrender to the present moment.” Milo, Amsterdam 'I feel grateful for yesterday’s evening. So does my husband, cause he enjoyed my open heart. So you inspire even others through the people you have guided yesterday. Thank you for that!” Iris, Amsterdam

Follow me on Insta @brittawaechter & www.brittawaechter.com dive deeper into the heart. I am looking forward meeting you in the space of the heart.

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