Fit & Flexible Summer Body challenge

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JSX studio de Pijp
Starts on Monday, 07/06/2021 - 14 units
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58.99 €Single ticket  
62.50 € / monthPremium online membership - One whole year of Fit & Flexible with JSX!  


This SUMMER Body online Challenge starts from 7-20 June in which you will fall in love with the endless possibilities in yourself and the future. Join us for 2 weeks of workouts, stretches and daily inspiration to feel strong, sculpted and confident this summer!

What is it?

Online from the comfort of your home we're going to be coming together as a community to crush 14 workouts in 2 weeks!

Plus your challenge includes...

-Daily guidance & motivation -LIVE workouts & stretches -Contemplations & reflections -Empowering exercises to grow self-esteem & confidence -Chats and Q & A -Accountability & support from our online community -Prizes & giveaways

Let's move our bodies, get summer ready and stay fit and get flexible!


Learn more about the programme in the details below:

Get inspired to take care of your body, mind and spirit; Work on you, for you! Nurture your wellbeing, self-confidence, practise self-love and self-care to boost your mindset create the life that you desire. If you feel physical sensations of lightness, love, energy, happiness, etc., you are talking to your Higher Self.

Make self-empowerment a priority to create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Receive two weeks of daily inspirations, reflections, mindfulness workout's and flexibility training, to get your ready for summer.

Dedicate two weeks to fuel yourself with inspiration and activities to connect to your higher self with workouts, reflections, mindfulness, meditation, visualisations, journaling, breathwork and stretches.

You will be energizing your state, fueling your body, and nurturing your spirit! 

In our sessions, we will be using movement and breath as our main tool: workouts, barre, pilates, yoga and pranayama to fuel our bodies.

Movement allows us to get out of our heads and connect to our breath: the here and now. Your breath and body are always available to you. It doesn't think of the past nor the future. By making contact with your body, you make contact with yourself. When you do that your whole world opens. You start to become one with your feeling and emotions and allow energy to flow. Then you will be able to see things with a clear mind and make room to open your hearts connection to your core, your inner guide, your spirit, your awareness, your soul, your true self, your higher self. 

The physical you can’t be separated from the energetic consciousness-you. But we are here in this physical state, and part of that includes a feeling of separation from everything else. In reality, there is no separation.

Here are some ways that we will use to access your higher consciousness.

  • Visualization Mediation Intuitive journaling

How can you do this? With one decision: To say YES!

We are starting on June 7th at 12:00.

Sign up now to get your checklist and to let us know that you are in! When you join us, we will invite you to our private community.

Community & accountability: Your challenge is to complete 14 workouts in 14 days. Each session is +/- 60 minutes.

You can either join LIVE at 12:00 daily or watch the replay which will be available until the end of the event. Reflect on each day's topic and share workout photo's with our private community!

Show up! Allocate 60 minutes in your day to prioritize self-care! We will do it together as a community. It is about supporting each other to become stronger together! 

Fit & Flexible from inside out, outside in. 

You will be able to access the zoom link every morning 15 min before the event starts in your eversports account.

Love, JSX

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Online stream

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1.07/06/202112:00 - 13:00Van Ostadestraat 105, 1072 ST AmsterdamJoyce
2.08/06/202112:00 - 13:00Van Ostadestraat 105, 1072 ST AmsterdamJoyce
3.09/06/202112:00 - 13:00Van Ostadestraat 105, 1072 ST AmsterdamJoyce
4.10/06/202112:00 - 13:00Van Ostadestraat 105, 1072 ST AmsterdamJoyce
5.11/06/202112:00 - 13:00Van Ostadestraat 105, 1072 ST AmsterdamJoyce
6.12/06/202110:00 - 11:00Van Ostadestraat 105, 1072 ST AmsterdamJoyce
7.13/06/202112:00 - 13:00Van Ostadestraat 105, 1072 ST AmsterdamJoyce
8.14/06/202112:00 - 13:00Van Ostadestraat 105, 1072 ST AmsterdamJoyce
9.15/06/202112:00 - 13:00Van Ostadestraat 105, 1072 ST AmsterdamJoyce
10.16/06/202112:00 - 13:00Van Ostadestraat 105, 1072 ST AmsterdamJoyce

Cancellation conditions

Annuleringen zijn online mogelijk op Eversports tot 24 uur voor aanvang.